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Due Process and Higher Education: A Systemic Approach to Fair Decision Making

Due Process and Higher Education: A Systemic Approach to Fair Decision Making

Ed Stevens

ISBN: 978-1-878-38090-6

Mar 2000, Jossey-Bass

122 pages

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This report reviews the definition of "due process" and describes its evolution as a legal principle. It then explains how academic presidents, deans, department chairs, and professors should handle due process in their day-to-day work. Readers will find a new systemic framework for improved decision making, including case studies that offer a more comprehensive explanation of due process and its implications for campus life.
"This report is a clear analysis of due process in higher education and builds a usable paradigm appropriate for the practicing administrator. The writing is clear and jargon-free, and the analysis is logical and coherent." (Darrel Clowes, professor emeritus, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

"This report is well organized and clearly expressed. It explains some difficult and complex legal issues in understandable language. The use of the case study is excellent. The discussions between the dean and university counsel are compelling, much like the actual conversations between attorneys and clients. This report will be a useful due process in a variety of institutional settings and circumstances." (George Kuh, professor, higher education, Indiana University-Bloomington)

"This report would have been extremely helpful in my role as a college administrator who dealt with many difficult cases." (Philo Hutcheson, associate professor, educational policy studies, Georgia State University)

"This report is useful to administrators and provides a good summary of the issues that administrators should keep in mind when deciding whether to discipline or expel a student." (Barbara Lee, professor, human resource management, Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey)