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Dynamic System Modeling and Control System Design

Dynamic System Modeling and Control System Design

Krishnaswamy Srinivasan, Matthew Detrick

ISBN: 978-1-119-12964-6

May 2020

860 pages

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This book will serve as a text emphasizing the modelling of dynamic systems and their control and develop important student competencies in the area. With the increased ability of controllers and control design software packages to self-tune automatically tune controller parameters in some applications, it is important that control engineering education address broader control system design issues. For mechanically actuated systems, actuation system selection and definition of the plant to be controlled and implications for controller design are important system design issues that need better treatment in truly control system design education. This aspect of the book will also make it more attractive to practicing engineers. Integrated treatment of modelling and control of dynamic systems requires more complete treatment of modeling and better awareness of the connections between dynamic system modeling and controller development. Currently used texts for control systems give short shrift to the topic of dynamic system modelling. Specially developed electronic content will complement print content and do so while being compatible with print content in many ways – nomenclature, topics, etc.. It can focus on topics with shorter life spans such as technologies, so that the content may be updated on a schedule different from print content.  This would be particularly valuable for emerging control technologies, for example, smart actuation technologies. Electronic content can also focus on description of plant hardware that is more complex in form/and or function, in which case electronic graphics and animation techniques can be used to good effect to illustrate details of form and/or function.

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