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Dynamical Processes in Condensed Matter, Volume 63

Dynamical Processes in Condensed Matter, Volume 63

Myron W. Evans (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-14332-2

Sep 2009

866 pages

Select type: E-Book



Featuring the work of an international group of scholars, this volume covers the transport properties and Soliton models of Polyacetylene, development and application of the theory of Brownian Motion, the fading of memory during the regression of structural fluctuations, the breakdown of the Kramers Theory as a problem of correct modeling, and more.
Transport Properties and Soliton Models for Polyacetylene (M. Andretta, et al.).

Development and Application of the Theory of Brownian Motion (W. Coffey).

The Fading of Memory During the Regression of Structural Fluctuations (L. Dissado, et al.).

Cooperative Molecular Behavior and Field Effects on Liquids: Experimental Considerations (G. Evans).

A Review and Computer Simulation of the Molecular Dynamics of a Series of Specific Molecular Liquids (M. Evans and G. Evans).

Recent Advances in Molecular-Dynamics Computer Simulation (D. Fincham and D. Heyes).

Nonadiabatic Scattering Problems in Liquid-State Vibrational Relaxation (M. Herman and E. Kluk).

The Breakdown of the Kramers Theory as a Problem of Correct Modeling (F. Marchesoni).

Molecular Dynamics in Rigid-Rod Macromolecular Lyotropic Liquid Crystals (J. Moscicki).

The Local Field in the Statistical-Mechanical Theory of Dielectric Polarization (W. Schroer).

Advances in Microwave and Submillmeter Wave Dielectric Spectroscopic Techniques and Their Applications (J. Vij and F. Hufnagel).

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