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Dynamics and Exchanges in Estuaries and the Coastal Zone

Dynamics and Exchanges in Estuaries and the Coastal Zone

David Prandle (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66527-5 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 650 Pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Coastal and Estuarine Studies, Volume 40.

In establishing the peculiar niche of a volume of conference proceedings within the scientific literature, the editor has a responsibility (beyond the culling and processing) to inform readers of the background to the conference, the subject areas and specific foci. More tentatively, underlying directions and common themes should be discerned to perhaps indicate areas of research likely to be fruitful and topical in the next few years. Since many readers will only study selected contributions, the volume is divided into five sections namely:- II. Baroclinic Dynamics; III. Circulation; IV. Sediment Dynamics; V. Sediment Modelling; VI. Applied Studies. This introduction incorporates sub-titles to facilitate the same selectivity.


Contributors List

Part I. Introduction

D Prandle  3

Part II. Baroclinic Dynamics

The influence of coastally trapped waves on the circulatioinn Jervis Bay, New South Wales
P D Craig and P E Holloway  9

Tidal mixing near the sill of a Scottish sea loch
A J Elliott, P A Gillibrand and W R Turrell  35

A topographically  induced internal wave and mixing in the Tamar Estuary
D R Sturley and K R Dyer  57 

Turbulence and shear induced mixing processes  in estuaries
E J Darbyshire & J R West  75

Dynamically-active models in the prediction of estuarine stratification
J H Simpson and J Sharples  101

Part III. Circulation

Residual flow in Naples Bay and its effect on constituent concentration,
constituent flux and residence tim
J Van de Kreeke  117

The stratified  hydrodynamics of the Palmie-t aprototypical bar-built  estuary
J. L. Largier, J. H. Slinger and S. Tallijaard  135

Salinity structure of a shallow, tributary  estuary
W W Schroeder, S P Dinnel and W J Wiseman Jr  155

On meteorologically induced subtidal motion in Hangzhou Bay
J L Su and W Chen  173

Water level fluctuations in the Atchafalaya Delta, Louisiana:
tidal forcing versus river forcing
E M Swenson and C E Sasser  191

Modelling of low-frequency salinity variations in the St. Lawrence Estuary
K T Tee  209

On the estuafine circulation within the Kattegat
N Winkel-Steinberg, J 0 Backhaus and T Pohlmann  231

Part IV. Sedimemation

Observations  of fine-sediment concentrations and transport
in the turbidity maximum region of an estuary
R J Uncles, J A Stephensa nd M L Barton  255

Velocity asymmetries in frictionally-dominated tidal embayments:
longitudinal and lateral variability
C T Friedrichs, D R Lynch and D G Aubrey  277

Effects of sea-level rise on muddy coastal margins
R Kirby  313

Acoustic measurements  of suspended sediment over sandwaves
P D Thorne, R L Soulsby and P J Hardcastle  335

Some observations  on fluid mud response  to water waves
F Jiang and A J Mehta  351

The reflection of waves off beaches
J. Darbyshire  377

Part V. Modelling (Sediment)

Dispersion in tidally-averaged transport equation
R T Cheng and V Casulli  409

Effect of bends on dilution rates
R Smith  429

Modelling the vertical distribution of suspended  sediment  in combined wave-current  flow
A G Davies  441

Some considerations  on mathematical modelling of morphological processes  in tidal regions
Z B Wang  467

A three-dimensional transport model for dissolved and suspended matter
in estuaries and coastal seas
G C van Dam and R A Louwersheimer  481

An estuarine and coastals and transport model
B A O'Connor and J Nicholson  507

Part VI. Applied Studies

Current and density  structure in the Netherlands coastal zone
W P M de Ruijter, A van der Giessen and F C Groenendijk  529

On the distribution of suspended matter and the density driven circulation
in the Dutch coastal area
M Visser  551

Coastal dynamics along a rugged coastline
B King and E Wolanski  577

Transporot of hypoxic waters: an estuary-subestuary exchange
A Y Kuo and K Park  599

Interdisciplinary  study on the tidal front in the Bungo Channel Japan
T Yanagi, O Matsuda, S Tanabe and S Uye  617

Hydrodynamic modelling for a tidal power project
T L Shaw  631