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Dynamics of Molecule Surface Interaction

Dynamics of Molecule Surface Interaction

Gert Due Billing

ISBN: 978-0-471-33108-7

Jan 2000

240 pages

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Chemical reactions at surfaces do not follow the same reaction dynamics as atoms in the gas phase. The changes from ""ideal"" interactions depend on the electronic structure and the spatial and geometric shape of the surface. The dynamics of chemical reactions at surfaces have all the complexity of gas-phase molecules reaction dynamics, plus those associated with the additional phenomena due to the presence of a solid surface.
Basic Concepts.

Surface Diffusion.

Interaction Potentials.

Quantum Treatment of Atom/Molecule-Surface Scattering.

Classical Mechanical Treatment.

The Generalized Langevin Equation.

A Semiclassical Approach.

Electron Gas Theories.

Density Functional Theory.

Electron-Hole Pair Excitation.




Answers to Exercises.

""...Billing relates the dynamics of chemical reactions at surfaces."" (SciTech Book News, Vol. 24, No. 4, December 2000)