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Dynamics of Solutions and Fluid Mixtures by NMR

Dynamics of Solutions and Fluid Mixtures by NMR

Jean-Jacques Delpuech (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-95411-8

Jun 1995

600 pages

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One of the most outstanding contributions of NMR to chemistry concerns the information which can be obtained at the molecular level as a result of the time-dependence of NMR spectra. The importance of this information is well illustrated by the large number of applications which have resulted from research in this field. To date, however, both the theory and its applications have only been available in widely scattered articles in the literature. Dynamics of Solutions and Fluid Mixtures by NMR is the first single volume giving a comprehensive coverage of time-dependent effects in NMR, and of the information which can be obtained by investigation of these phenomena. The ten chapters, all written by acknowledged experts in their respective fields, are arranged in a logical progression. The first three chapters give an overview of NMR spectroscopy and the fundamental aspects of molecular dynamics. Topics covered in later chapters include specific relaxation mechanisms, the use of field gradients in the study of translational diffusion, and applications of the technique. Dynamics of Solutions and Fluid Mixtures by NMR provides a timely and comprehensive overview of time-dependent phenomena in NMR. It will be of great interest to analytical chemists and biochemists, and to researchers and students working specifically in the fields of applications covered in the volume.
Timescales in NMR: Relaxation Phenomena in Relation with Molecular Reorientation (D. Canet & J. Robert).

Timescales in NMR: Nuclear Site Exchange and Dynamic NMR (J.-J.


Nuclear Paramagnetic Spin Relaxation Theory: Paramagnetic Spin Probes in Homogeneous and Microheterogeneous Solutions (P. Westlund).

Quadrupolar Probes in Solution (J. Grandjean & P. Laszlo).

Solvent Exchange on Metal Ions: A Variable Pressure NMR Approach (U. Frey, et al.).

Applications of Field Gradients in NMR (D. Canet & M. Decorps).

Surfactant Solutions: Aggregation Phenomena and Microheterogeneity (B. Lindman, et al.).

Polymers and Biopolymers in the Liquid State (M. Krajewski-Bertrand, et al.).

Liquid-Like Molecules in Rigid Matrices and in Soft Matter (J. Cohen-Addad, et al.).