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Dynamics of the Earth's Radiation Belts and Inner Magnetosphere



Dynamics of the Earth's Radiation Belts and Inner Magnetosphere

Danny Summers (Editor), I. R. Mann (Editor), D. N. Baker (Editor), Max-Gotthard Schulz (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-875-90489-4 May 2013 American Geophysical Union 431 Pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 199.

Dynamics of the Earth's Radiation Belts and Inner Magnetosphere
draws together current knowledge of the radiation belts prior to the launch of Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RPSP) and other imminent space missions, making this volume timely and unique. The volume will serve as a useful benchmark at this exciting and pivotal period in radiation belt research in advance of the new discoveries that the RPSP mission will surely bring. Highlights include the following: a review of the current state of the art of radiation belt science; a complete and up-to-date account of the wave-particle interactions that control the dynamical acceleration and loss processes of particles in the Earth's radiation belts and inner magnetosphere; a discussion emphasizing the importance of the cross-energy coupling of the particle populations of the radiation belts, ring current, and plasmasphere in controlling the dynamics of the inner magnetosphere; an outline of the design and operation of future satellite missions whose objectives are to discover the dominant physical processes that control the dynamics of the Earth's radiation belts and to advance our level of understanding of radiation belt dynamics ideally to the point of predictability; and an examination of the current state of knowledge of Earth's radiation belts from past and current spacecraft missions to the inner magnetosphere. Dynamics of the Earth's Radiation Belts and Inner Magnetosphere will be a useful reference work for the specialist researcher, the student, and the general reader. In addition, the volume could be used as a supplementary text in any graduate-level course in space physics in which radiation belt physics is featured.

Danny Summers, Ian R. Mann, and Daniel N. Baker ix

Danny Summers, Ian R. Mann, and Daniel N. Baker 1

Section I: Historical Perspective

Space Weather: Affecting Technologies on Earth and in Space
Louis J. Lanzerotti 11

Section II: Current State of Knowledge of Radiation Belts

SAMPEX: A Long-Serving Radiation Belt Sentinel
Daniel N. Baker and J. Bernard Blake 21

Large-Amplitude Whistler Waves and Electron Acceleration in the Earth's Radiation Belts: A Review of STEREO and Wind Observations
C. A. Cattell, A. Breneman, K. Goetz, P. J. Kellogg, K. Kersten, J. R. Wygant, L. B. Wilson III, M. D. Looper, J. B. Blake, and I. Roth 41

Classification of Pc1-2 Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves at Geosynchronous Orbit
B. J. Fraser, S. K. Morley, R. S. Grew, and H. J. Singer 53

The Role of Ultralow Frequency Waves in Radiation Belt Dynamics
Ian R. Mann, Kyle R. Murphy, Louis G. Ozeke, I. Jonathan Rae, David K. Milling, Andy Kale, and Farideh Honary 69

Section III: Space Missions

NASA's Radiation Belt Storm Probes Mission: From Concept to Reality
R. L. Kessel 93

The Energization and Radiation in Geospace (ERG) Project
Y. Miyoshi, T. Ono, T. Takashima, K. Asamura, M. Hirahara, Y. Kasaba, A. Matsuoka, H. Kojima, K. Shiokawa, K. Seki, M. Fujimoto, T. Nagatsuma, C. Z. Cheng, Y. Kazama, S. Kasahara, T. Mitani, H. Matsumoto, N. Higashio, A. Kumamoto, S. Yagitani, Y. Kasahara, K. Ishisaka, L. Blomberg, A. Fujimoto, Y. Katoh, Y. Ebihara, Y. Omura, M. Nosé, T. Hori, Y. Miyashita, Y.-M. Tanaka, T. Segawa, and ERG Working Group 103

RESONANCE Project for Studies of Wave-Particle Interactions in the Inner Magnetosphere
M. M. Mogilevsky, L. M. Zelenyi, A. G. Demekhov, A. A. Petrukovich, D. R. Shklyar, and RESONANCE Team 117

Section IV: Modeling and Simulations

Global Structure of ULF Waves During the 24–26 September 1998 Geomagnetic Storm
Scot R. Elkington, Anthony A. Chan, and Michael Wiltberger 127

ULF Wave–Driven Radial Diffusion Simulations of the Outer Radiation Belt
Louis G. Ozeke, Ian R. Mann, Kyle R. Murphy, I. Jonathan Rae, and Anthony A. Chan 139

Nonlinear Radial Transport in the Earth's Radiation Belts
B. T. Kress, M. K. Hudson, A. Y. Ukhorskiy, and H.-R. Mueller 151

Section V: Radiation Belt Injections, Dropouts, and Magnetospheric Variability

Time Scales for Localized Radiation Belt Injections to Become a Thin Shell
M. W. Liemohn, S. Xu, S. Yan, M.-C. Fok, and Q. Zheng 161

Rebuilding Process of the Outer Electron Radiation Belt: The Spacecraft Akebono Observations
T. Nagai 177

The Shock Injection of 24 March 1991: Another Look
J. B. Blake 189

Outer Radiation Belt Flux Dropouts: Current Understanding and Unresolved Questions
D. L. Turner, S. K. Morley, Y. Miyoshi, B. Ni, and C.-L. Huang 195

Rapid Radiation Belt Losses Occurring During High-Speed Solar Wind Stream–Driven Storms: Importance of Energetic Electron Precipitation
Aaron T. Hendry, Craig J. Rodger, Mark A. Clilverd, Neil R. Thomson, Steven K. Morley, and Tero Raita 213

Background Magnetospheric Variability as Inferred From Long Time Series of GOES Data
David J. Thomson 225

Section VI: Wave-Particle Interactions

Generation Processes of Whistler Mode Chorus Emissions: Current Status of Nonlinear Wave Growth Theory
Yoshiharu Omura, David Nunn, and Danny Summers 243

Aspects of Nonlinear Wave-Particle Interactions
Jay M. Albert, Xin Tao, and Jacob Bortnik 255

Linear and Nonlinear Growth of Magnetospheric Whistler Mode Waves
Danny Summers, Rongxin Tang, and Yoshiharu Omura 265

High-Energy Electron Diffusion by Resonant Interactions With Whistler Mode Hiss
J.-F. Ripoll and D. Mourenas 281

Recent Advances in Understanding the Diffuse Auroral Precipitation: The Role of Resonant Wave-Particle Interactions
Binbin Ni and Richard M. Thorne 291

Section VII: Energy Coupling in the Inner Magnetosphere

The Role of the Earth's Ring Current in Radiation Belt Dynamics
Vania K. Jordanova 303

Ring Current Asymmetry and the Love-Gannon Relation
G. L. Siscoe and M.-C. Fok 315

The Importance of the Plasmasphere Boundary Layer for Understanding Inner Magnetosphere Dynamics
Mark B. Moldwin and Shasha Zou 321

The Role of Quiet Time Ionospheric Plasma in the Storm Time Inner Magnetosphere
Andrew W. Yau, Andrew Howarth, W. K. Peterson, and Takumi Abe 329

Cold Ion Outflow as a Source of Plasma for the Magnetosphere
S. Haaland, K. Li, A. Eriksson, M. André, E. Engwall, M. Förster, C. Johnsen, B. Lybekk, H. Nilsson, N. Ostgaard, A. Pedersen, and K. Svenes 341

What Happens When the Geomagnetic Field Reverses?
J. F. Lemaire and S. F. Singer 355

Section VIII: Radiation Belts and Space Weather

What the Satellite Design Community Needs From the Radiation Belt Science Community
T. P. O'Brien, J. E. Mazur, and T. B. Guild 365

Storm Responses of Radiation Belts During Solar Cycle 23: HEO Satellite Observations
J. F. Fennell, S. Kanekal, and J. L. Roeder 371

Colorado Student Space Weather Experiment: Differential Flux Measurements of Energetic Particles in a Highly Inclined Low Earth Orbit
X. Li, S. Palo, R. Kohnert, D. Gerhardt, L. Blum, Q. Schiller, D. Turner, W. Tu, N. Sheiko, and C. Shearer Cooper 385

Section IX: Radiation Belts Beyond Earth

Radiation Belts of the Solar System and Universe
B. H. Mauk 405

Plasma Wave Observations at Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn
G. B. Hospodarsky, K. Sigsbee, J. S. Leisner, J. D. Menietti, W. S. Kurth, D. A. Gurnett, C. A. Kletzing, and O. Santolik 415

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