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Dyslexia: A Practitioner's Handbook, Second Edition

Dyslexia: A Practitioner's Handbook, Second Edition

Gavin Reid

ISBN: 978-0-470-84225-6

Nov 2000

264 pages

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How can the research in reading help me teach dyslexic children?
How can I help dyslexic students learn more effectively?
How can I select appropriate resources for the classroom?

This comprehensive handbook answers these and many other important questions integrating research and practice in an accessible form. This practical guide will help professionals and parents to make an informed choice in the selection of materials, and provides a choice of strategies for classroom use for teachers. The text

  • explores and explains research in reading and learning, and promotes the use of learning styles and study skills techniques which enable dyslexic students to acquire some degree of self-sufficiency in learning
  • examines all aspects of practice, including a wealth of assessment techniques providing an assessment framework which teachers can implement and adapt to accommodate to their own particular teaching context
  • covers many learning approaches from early education to higher education
  • includes a review of resources in a special section which describes over a hundred different strategies, resources and books on dyslexia, and comments on how these may be used
""The sections on assessment, programmes, strategies and the review of resources will be invaluable to our Learning Support team, by bringing all those together under one cover. In summary, I found the handbook practical, readable, concise and an invaluable resource."" Frederika Ritherdon, Principal SEN Officer, Bolton LEA, UK
Issues and Considerations.

The Acquisition of Literacy.

Assessment Approaches.

Assessment Process.

Teaching Approaches.

Curriculum Access.

Dyslexia in Further and Higher Education.

Review of Resources.