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Dyslexia: Students in Need

Dyslexia: Students in Need

Pat Heaton, Gina Mitchell

ISBN: 978-1-861-56179-4 November 2000 200 Pages


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Dyslexia: Students in Need offers a positive approach to students with dyslexia in further and higher education. Students with dyslexia gain degrees and professional qualifications, and successes of this kind often depend on appropriate educational and technological support and upon funding.  Dyslexia: Students in Need, in an easy-to-read typeface, tackles the problems and challenges identified by students themselves. It contains •  Information on applications and admissions to colleges and universities  •  Seeking information, support and funding about dyslexia from institutions  •  How to apply for funding from the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA)  •  Study skills relevant to dyslexia and to course requirements  •  Examples of how to maximise the strengths and abilities associated with dyslexia  •  Ideas about the use of computers, software and other technologies relevant to dyslexia  •  How to cope with revision and exams  •  Personal case studies written by undergraduate and postgraduate students with dyslexia.Not only invaluable for dyslexic students, but valuable reading for Heads of Departments, admissions tutors, Equal Opportunities co-ordinators, lectures, personal tutors and librarians.
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