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Dyslexia Matters: A Celebratory Contributed Volume to Honour Professor T.R. Miles

Dyslexia Matters: A Celebratory Contributed Volume to Honour Professor T.R. Miles

Gerald Hales (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-69907-2 April 2008 240 Pages


This is a celebratory volume in honour of Professor T.R. Miles of the Bangor Dyslexia Unit. Among the papers offered by known specialists in the field are "Differential Diagnosis of Developmental Dyslexia", by P. Aaron, and "Evaluating Teaching Methods", by Michael Thompson.
Part I - The Theoretical Constructs of Dyslexia.

Differential Diagnosis fo Reading Disabilities, P.G. Aaron.

Visual Deficit Models of Dyslexia, Gorodn Stanley.

Part II - The Specific Nature of Dyslexia.

Neurobiological Patterns in dyslexia, Drake D. Duane.

Dyslexia and Skill - Theoretical Studies, Roderick I. Nicolson and Angela J. Fawcett.

The Cognitive Psychology of Developmental dyslexia, Nick Ellis.

Elementary Symbol Processing in Less Skilled Readers in a componential Frmework, Che Kan Leong.

Part III - The Identification of Dyslexia.

Diagnosing Dyslexia in The Classroom - a Three Stage Model, Peter Gardner.

Towards a Rationale for Diagnosois, T.R. Miles.

Quantifying Exceptionality - issues in Psychogical Assessment of Dyslexia, Martin Turner.

Part IV - Education management of The Dyslexic Child.

How Dyslexics Respond to Specialised Teaching - Some Practical and Theoretical Issues, Michael Thomson.

Whole School provision for The Whole Child, Steve Chinn.

Early Help Means a Better Future, Jean Augur.

Part V Diverse Routes to a Wider Understanding.

Unconventional treatments for Dyslexia, C.R. Wilsher.

The Human Aspects of Dyslexia, Gerald Hales.

Musical Problems? - Reflections and Suggestions, Margaret Hubicki.