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Dyslexia and Vision

Dyslexia and Vision

Bruce Evans

ISBN: 978-1-861-56242-5

Jul 2001

204 pages

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In the last few years there have been many papers in vision science journals about visual factors in dyslexia, but these findings have not been widely disseminated to the professionals who care for people with dyslexia. Dyslexia and Vision aims to provide a straightforward summary of work in this field for teachers, educational psychologists, child psychologists, and paediatricians. The primary purpose of the book is to provide these professionals with the information they need in order to offer balanced, insightful advice for people in their care. Eyecare professionals themselves are often bewildered by the plethora of claims and anecdotes in this field. A secondary purpose of the book is to provide, in appendices, a balanced "evidence-based" review of the literature for eyecare professionals.

Ethical statement.

Chapter 1 Introduction.

Chapter 2 Ocular health and refractice errors.

Chapter 3 Ocular motor factors.

Chapter 4 Ocular dominance.

Chapter 5 Behavioural optometry and other controversial visual approaches.

Chapter 6 Visual processing.

Chapter 7 Coloured filters.

Chapter 8 Conclusions.


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