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Dyslexics I Have Known: Reaching for The Stars

Dyslexics I Have Known: Reaching for The Stars

Bevé Hornsby

ISBN: 978-1-861-56197-8

Jun 2001

150 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Written by one of the pioneers of the dyslexic movement in the UK, this book demonstrates the importance of diagnosis and what can be achieved by dyslexics once their problem is recognized and the appropriate help given. This book, which includes some case studies, shows that it is the quality of the initial assessment and the subsequent help provided that lies at the root of future accomplishments by those diagnosed as having dyslexia.
The Nature of Intelligence.

Is it Possible for IQ Results to Differ?

Diagnositc Procedures.

Dyslexia as a Language Disorder.

Current Trends in language Disability.

Careers for Dyslexics.

Literacy and Careers.

Teaching mthods.

Reach for The Stars With Alpha to Omega.

Readability of Print. Those for Whom The System has Failed.

Selected Case Studies.

Statistical Results.

So where do we go From Here?