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Dysphagia Screening: A Training Resource Pack

Dysphagia Screening: A Training Resource Pack

Lucy Rodriguez, Merida Borrelli

ISBN: 978-1-861-56329-3

Nov 2005

200 pages

Select type: Paperback


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This book is a comprehensive training pack for the use of speech and language therapists in the training of nurses. The pack has been designed within an internationally recognised competency based framework which is familiar to nurse practitioners. It includes advice on how to set up the training course, handouts for each of the 10 competencies e.g. The normal swallow; causes of dysphagia; signs and symptoms of dysphagia. Course administration documents are included in the pack. Also provided is an evidenced based screening procedure and rationale with a structured testing format which allows assignment of standardised ratings for each competenceny assessed. The course allows training at 2 levels. Firstly a half day course to increase dysphagia awareness and secondly a one day course with subsequent testing of competencies to enable nurses to categorise ward patients into those who are safe or unsafe to swallow, and make basic recommendations for eating and drinking. SLT students can also be trained using this course. We feel the pack is a timely acquisition for any SLT department given the need for round the clock ward based screening for dysphagia.