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E-Business Best Practices: Leveraging Technology for Business Advantage

E-Business Best Practices: Leveraging Technology for Business Advantage

Stewart McKie

ISBN: 978-0-471-19872-7 March 2004 224 Pages




Provides managers with a road map for evaluating e-business technologies and developing winning e-business strategies
In a world where you're either in e-business or out of business, this book is an indispensable resource for companies to see what ways e-business technology is being implemented with the best results. E-Business Best Practices is not an implementation guide, but a road map for business exchange agents and employees charged with figuring out e-business strategies and evaluating e-business software. Written by a business technology consultant who, over the past twenty years, has worked with dozens of companies in the United States and Europe, this book provides readers with a comprehensive look at best practices in e-business technology around the world.
Stewart McKie (Shaftesbury, UK) has been in the business of marketing, implementing, and designing business management software since 1982. He is the Technology Editor for Business Finance magazine and the author of Wiley's Client/Server Accounting (0-471-15784-8).


E-Business Landscape.

E-Business Management: Going Beyond ERP.

Monitor to Manage: Enterprise Positioning System.

Collaborate to Compete.

Customer Relationship Management.


Knowledge Management.

Digital Asset Management.

Software as Service.

XML Everywhere.

Hackett Benchmarking Solutions on Best Practices.

Selected Readings.


"...readers could do well to read this authoritative study..." (Supply Management, 20 September, 2001)