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E-Business Technologies: Supporting the Net-Enhanced Organization

E-Business Technologies: Supporting the Net-Enhanced Organization

Craig Van Slyke, France Bélanger

ISBN: 978-0-471-39392-4 September 2002 512 Pages


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This text is appropriate for an undergraduate or graduate course-- for e-commerce majors or for MIS majors taking an e-commerce course that need a more technical approach than the general business student needs. The text is also well suited for non-IT majors who desire a solid grounding in the technical aspects of e-business. The focus is on emphasizing the technologies that enable e-business instead of the phenomenon of e-business, its marketing and strategy. The book consists of two main sections. The first section provides an overview of electronic business. This section gives the student sufficient grounding in e-business to understand the context in which the technologies discussed in the second section exist. The second section, the core section, gives a relatively detailed discussion of the technologies that enable e-business. Its coverage will provide students with the knowledge necessary to make sense of how their future careers will be shaped by e-business. It will also allow them to be active participants in the planning, analysis, development, and implementation of e-business environments as they enter the job market. In several chapters, hands-on activities help promote integration of material by the students.

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Electronic Business.

Chapter 2: Impacts of Electronic Business.

Chapter 3: Barriers to Electronic Business.

Chapter 4: The Internet and World Wide Web for E-business.

Chapter 5: Electronic Business Applications Development.

Chapter 6: Telecommunication Technologies for E-business.

Chapter 7: Client/Server Technologies for E-business.

Chapter 8: Integrating Back-Office Communications.

Chapter 9: Providing Content for Electronic Business.

Chapter 10: Privacy and Security in E-business.

Chapter 11: Electronic Payment Systems in E-business.

Chapter 12: Electronic Business Architecture.


  • Uniquely targeted to provide a more technical view of e-business.
  • Begins with general e-commerce concepts and strategy but then quickly moves into more technical issues for students who will be evaluating or developing e-business applications.
  • Mini-cases in all chapters illustrate concepts and engage students.
  • Hands-on activities are included in appropriate chapters to promote integration of material
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Accompanying website includes on-line appendices and Web Resources and updated material.
  • "Real-world" examples are used to illustrate the concepts discussed, with all chapters beginning with an introductory case to engage the students and illustrate concepts.
  • Includes decision points - points where students stop during their coverage of chapter material to reflect on decisions that e-businesses must make with respect to the concepts just learned