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EFSA Supporting Publications

EFSA Supporting Publications

Edited By:European Food Safety Authority

Vol 2017(12 Issues in 2017 ) Online ISSN: 2397-8325


EFSA Supporting Publications

In addition to its scientific outputs, the legal framework for which is laid down in the various articles of Regulation EC No 178/2002, EFSA publishes a range of Supporting Publications. The latter inform the Authority’s scientific assessments or report on scientific events that are organised in the context of its scientific mandate. They are published in EFSA Supporting Publications on the Wiley Online Library and include the following document types:

External Scientific Reports: provided by scientific institutions within the EU that (i) respond to an EFSA call for tender for a specific scientific task or (ii) apply for grant aid under Article 36 of Regulation EC No 178/2002 which supports the networking of organisations operating in the fields within EFSA's mission. They are not authored by EFSA and should not be confused with EFSA scientific outputs as published in the EFSA Journal.

Technical Reports: authored mainly by EFSA, they describe the results of a variety of technical processes related to, for example projects, public consultations, scientific networks and information technology. Before 2011, Technical Reports were included in the EFSA Journal.

Event Reports: describe the outcomes of scientific events that are organised by EFSA to support its scientific assessments. They are usually authored by EFSA but can be co-authored with peer organisations.

A more detailed definition of EFSA’s various scientific publications is available at: