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ELISA and Other Solid Phase Immunoassays: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

ELISA and Other Solid Phase Immunoassays: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

D. M. Kemeny (Editor), S. J. Challacombe (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-90982-8 January 1991 378 Pages


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This is a quick-reference manual on practical aspects of immunoassay. Providing a theoretical and practical basis for modern applications of solid-phase immunoassays, this text brings together experts who have used ELISA and other assays in a variety of fields. Contributors offer step-by-step guidance on how to use the various techniques involved in immunoassay. These techniques are extemely useful to laboratory-based researchers and technicians working on the detection of allergy, the AIDS virus, autoimmunity, etc. Chapters analyze the solid-phase supports used, the amplification systems, and the quantitation and affinity of antibodies and discuss the applications of assays to biology, immunology, and microbiology.

An Introduction to ELISA (D. Kemeny & S. Chanter).

Microtitre Plates and Other Solid Phase Supports (D. Kemeny & S. Challacombe).

Quantitative Aspects of Solid Phase Immunoassays (R. Hamilton & N. Atkinson).


Amplification by Second Enzymes (A. Johannsson & D. Bates).

The Amplified ELISA (a-ELISA): Immunochemistry and Applications (J. Butler).


The Role of Antibody Affinity in the Performance of Solid Phase Assays (M. Devey & M. Steward).

The Immunochemistry of Sandwich ELISAs: Principles and Applications for the Quantitative Determination of Immunoglobulins (J. Butler).

The Use of ELISA in the Characterization of Protein Antigen Structure and Immune Response (A. Pesce & J. Michael).

The Modified Sandwich ELISA (SELISA) for the Detection of IgE and Other Antibody Isotypes (D. Kemeny).


The Solid Phase Enzyme-Linked Immunospot Assay (ELISPOT) for Enumerating Antibody-Secreting Cells: Methodology and Applications (C. Czerkinsky, et al.).

ELISA-Plaque Assay for the Detection of Single Antibody-Secreting Cells (J. Sedgwick & P. Holt).


Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (I. Weeks & J. Woodhead).


The Use of ELISA for Rapid Viral Diagnosis: Viral Antigen Detection in Clinical Specimens (S. Chantler & A. Clayton).

The Use of ELISA for Rapid Viral Diagnosis: Antibody Detection (R. Duncan).

Application of ELISA to Bacteriology (S. Challacombe).