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EMQs and MCQs for Medical Finals

EMQs and MCQs for Medical Finals

Jonathan Bath, Rebecca Morgan, Mehool Patel (With)

ISBN: 978-1-444-31271-3

Apr 2009, Wiley-Blackwell

336 pages

Select type: E-Book



EMQs and MCQs for Medical Finals is a unique revision and study tool for Final Examination preparation. Practice questions cover a variety of key topics in both medicine and surgery, with the mixture of questions reflecting the general weighting in real exams. Comprehensive answer notes are provided for each question, explaining why a particular answer is correct and why others are not. Useful mnemonics and tips on remembering key facts help to consolidate learning.
Part 1: Practice Papers.

Paper 1: Questions.

Paper 2: Questions.

Paper 3: Questions.

Paper 4: Questions.

Paper 5: Questions.

Part 2: Answers to Practice Papers.

Paper 1: Answers and notes.

Paper 2: Answers and notes.

Paper 3: Answers and notes.

Paper 4: Answers and notes.

Paper 5: Answers and notes

"The level and detail is ideal for exam preparation. This book is a novelty in that it is genuinely possibly to learn from it as opposed to just testing knowledge that has been learnt from other texts." SHO, Leeds

"...the explanation for the answers was excellent - a definite strong point of this book! It provided just the right amount of information while giving helpful mnemonics and methods to remember certain facts." SHO, London

"This book is an essential revision tool for medical students approaching their final examinations. It has a huge range of questions pitched at the perfect level for finals. The level of detail in the answers section enhances learning and the book is perfect for dipping in and out of during revision to break up the boredom." Medical Student, Oxford University

"This is an excellent revision book for finals covering all the major topics. With 300 MCQs and 150 EMQs this book is a real gem. This book not only allows you to test your knowledge but it allows you to learn from it as well as each of the questions has a detailed, knowledgable and informative explanation. A real must for final year medical students." Medical Student, Manchester University

  • A unique and essential revision tool for students preparing for medical and surgical finals
  • Includes 5 medicine and surgery practice papers containing 300 Best of Five MCQs and 150 EMQs - the format used in medical school finals
  • Contains comprehensive answers to aid understanding and identify weak areas
  • Tried and tested by medical students across the UK