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EPD Congress 2008: Proceedings of Sessions and Symposia Sponsored by the Extraction and Processing Division (EPD)

EPD Congress 2008: Proceedings of Sessions and Symposia Sponsored by the Extraction and Processing Division (EPD)

Stanley M. Howard (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-873-39715-5

Mar 2008

634 pages

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This book contains two-years of updates from the process metallurgy community, which convened the Extraction & Processing Division Congress at the TMS 2008 Annual Meeting. It covers the science, technology and industrial practice of the processing of ores and the treatment and minimization of wastes. Subjects include advances in roasting and sintering; aqueous processing; energy conservation in metals extraction and materials processing; materials processing fundamentals; pyrometallurgy; recycling; and developments in rare earth science and technology.
EPD Council.

Aqueous Processing - General Sessions.

Continuous Circuit Production and Accelerated Ageing of Iron(III)-Arsenic(V) Coprecipitates - Probing Process-Stability Relationships (R. De Klerk, and G. Demopoulos).

Field-Deployable Aqueous Lead Analysis using Nanoband Electrode System and Use of Green Rust for Its Removal (J. Gomes, D. Cocke, M. Miryala, H. Moreno, E. Peterson, D. Rutman, and M. Guttula).

The Influence of Chloride Ion to the Biooxidation of Arsenic Bearing Gold Concentration (D. Wang, H. Yang, C. Zhu, and H. Jiang).

Hydrochloric Acid Leaching of Panzhihua Ilmenite for Preparation of Synthetic Rutile (Z. Wang, J. Xue, H. Wang, and X. Jiang).

Energy Conservation in Metals Extraction and Materials Processing.

Session I.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction through Oxy-Fuel Technology (D. Gross, M. Schoenfield, T. Weber, B. Patrick, and N. Bell).

Oxyfuel - Solutions for Energy and Environmental Conservation (T. Niehoff).

Waste Heat Recovery: Opportunities and Challenges (I. Johnson, W. Choate, and S. Dillich).

Analysis of Energy Efficiency for Industrial Processes (C. Belt, and R. Peterson).

An Investigation of the Flame-Burden Interaction during Remelting in an Experimental Aluminum Reverbatory Furnace (A. Kumar, R. Venuturumilli, and P. King).

Session II.

Electrochemical Synthesis of Non-Oxide Ceramic Powders in a Eutectic CaCl2-NaCl Melt (X. Yan, M. Pownceby, M. Cooksey, and M. Lanyon).

On Promoting Energy Conservation in Hydrometallurgical Processing of Complex Materials (K. Sarveswara Rao).

Sulfide Ore Looping Oxidation Process: Maximizing Energy Recovery and Minimizing Environmental Impact (L. McHugh, and J. Mozolic).

The Influence of Different Calcination Atmosphere on the Photocatalytic Reactivity of Water Splitting to O2 over Rutile TiO2 (D. Wu, Q. Chen, Z. Yin, and J. Li).

Electrochemical Behavior of Pb-Ag-Bi Alloys as Anodes in Zinc Electrowinning (S. Zhong, Y. Lai, L. Jiang, Z. Tian, J. Li, and Y. Liu).

General Abstracts: Extraction and Processing.

Improvements on the Process of Gold-Antimony Concentrate Smelting in China (W. Liu, T. Yang, M. Jiang, W. Liu, and A. Dou).

Reduction Behavior of Lignite and Coke Fine Containing Composite Pellets (A. Arabaci, A. Ersundu, and S. Aydin).

Solid Oxide Membrane Process for Calcium Production Directly from its Oxide (S. Pati, M. Suput, R. Delucas, and U. Pal).

Studies on Coal in Pressure Leaching of Marmatite Concentrates (Z. Xu, D. Qiu, and H. Wang).

Materials Processing Fundamentals.


About the Editor.

Solidification and Deformation.

Rapid Freeze Prototyping of Investment Cast Thin-Wall Metal Matrix Composites I - Pattern Build and Molding Parameters (V. Richards, E. Druschitz, S. Isanaka, M. Leu, M. Cavins, and T. Hill).

Solidification Cracking of Allvac 718Plus and Alloy 718 at Transvarestraint Testing (J. Andersson, and G. Sjoberg).

Thermal Study and Metallographic Characterization of Zn-20%Al and Zn-20%Al-10%Si-3%Cu Alloys Directionally Solidified (A. Ares, and C. Schvezov).

Effect of Cross-Hatched Mold Surface Topography on Shell Morphology in the Solidification of an Aluminum Alloy (P. Anyalebechi).

Effects of Silicon, Iron, and Chromium on the Response of Aluminum Alloy 3004 Ingots to Homogenization (P. Anyalebechi).

Effect of Oxygen Content on Composition of Inclusion Precipitated during Unidirectional Solidification of Steel (H. Li, S. Zheng, L. Wang, and Q. Zhai).

Influence of Chemical Composition on Bake Hardening Effect for Hot Rolled Multiphase Steels (H. Palkowski, G. Kugler, and M. Asadi).

Process Modeling.

Use of SEM Fractography to Guide Thermo-Mechanical Process Optimization for Cu-Ni-Si-Cr Alloys (M. Hashiguchi, and J. Kuli Jr.)

Microstructural Analysis of Sticking Phenomenon Occurring during Hot Rolling of Two 430J1L Ferritic Stainless Steels (D. Ha, J. Lee, Y. Lee, and S. Lee).

Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer in the Molten Pool of LENS Processes (H. Yin, S. Felicelli, and L. Wang).

Effect of Boundary Heat Flux Transients on the Solidification Behavior and Microstructure of Al-Cu Alloy (K. Sreenivas Rao, S. Kumar, G. Phanikumar, and T. Kumar).

Modeling and Simulation of a Large Composite Casting (A. Fjeld, and A. Ludwig).

Model Studies on Slag Droplet Generation in Gas-Stirred Ladles (K. Krishnapisharody, and G. Irons).

Numerical Evaluation of the Performance of a BOF Steelmaking Lance (M. Barron, C. Lopez, and I. Hilerio).

Numerical Simulation of Droplet Generation of the Buoyant Phase in Two-Phase Liquid Baths (K. Krishnapisharody, and G. Irons).

CFD Simulation of a Copper Converter with Bottom Air Injection (J. Gonzalez, C. Real, M. Palomar, L. Hoyos, and M. Gutierrez).

Powders, Composites, Coatings and Measurements.

Preliminary Investigation into the Effect of Composite Reinforcement Particle Size on the Sintering of Titanium-Titanium Boride Dual Matrix Composites (K. Morsi, V. Patel, K. Moon, and J. Garay).

Biomorphic Cellular TiC/C Ceramics from Woods (S. Niyomwas).

An Investigation of TiB2 Synthesis Using TiO2/B4C/C Powder Mixture (F. Sahin, K. Kurtoglu, B. Derin, and O. Yücel).

Periodic Technique for Measurement of the Thermal Properties of Nanocomposite Materials (G. May, D. Swart, and K. Stokes).

Preliminary Investigations into the Aqueous Processing of Alumina-Carbon Nanotube Composites (R. Angulo, and K. Morsi).

Titanium Diboride Synthesis by Carbothermal Reduction of TiO2 and B2O3 (B. Derin, K. Kurtoglu, F. Sahin, and O. Yüceli).

Synthesis of Nanosized Tungsten Carbide Powder by Thermal Plasma Process (T. Ryu, K.S. Hwang, H. Sohn, and Z. Fang).

Rapid Synthesis of Ultrafine WC-Co Cemented Carbides by In-Situ Reactions and Spark Plasma Sintering (W. Liu, X. Song, J. Zhang, K. Wang, S. Zhao, M. Wang, and X. Liu).

Smelting and Refining.

Precipitation Rate of Hematite in Sulfate Media (M. Ruiz, D. Castillo, and R. Padilla).

Pressure Leaching of Enargite in Sulfate-Oxygen Media (R. Padilla, C. Rivas, and M. Ruiz).

In-Situ Analysis of the Effect of Other Oxides for the Reduction Process of Wustite by Carbon in TEM (I. Nobuhiro, T. Kimura, T. Aoyagi, K. Furuya, N. Mitsuoka, and T. Inami).

Development of a Static Model for COREX Process (C. Wang, Y. Qu, Z. Zou, Y. Zhou, X. Li, J. Lin, and H. Zhao).

Thermodynamic Analysis and Its Application to Preparing Sm-Fe Alloy Oxide Precursor by Wet-Chemical Co-Precipitation (P. Xue, X. Guo, Q. Tian, and R. Jiang).

Pyrometallurgy - General Sessions.

Enhanced Reduction of Self-Reducing Pellet of Chromites with Fe-Si Addition in the Reductant (A. Zambrano, C. Takano, and M. Mourao).

Improvements Carried Out at Huelva Smelter in the 2007 General Shutdown: A Review (C. Ortiz, R. Fernández-Gil, J. Moreno, and I. Pérez).

New Pyrometallurgical Bullion Lead Refining Process (M. Potesser, B. Holleis, H. Antrekowitsch, and S. Konetschnik).

The Investigation of Domestic Iron Ores for Sponge Iron Production(A. Ersundu, N. Solak, and S. Aydin).

Practice of Separating Precious Metals from Base Metals in Gold-Antimony Alloys by Selective Chlorination Leaching under Controlling Potential (W. Liu, T. Yang, M. Jiang, W. Liu, and A. Dou).


Electronics Recycling.

Recycling of Electronic Wastes: Degradation and Combustion (L. Zhang, X. Zuo, J. Kers, P. Peetsalu, and S. Xui).

Degradation of Plastics to Liberate Metals from Electronic Waste (A. Kvithyld, S. Shuey, S. Gaal, and P. Taylor).

Decomposition Process for Polychlorobiphenyl Containing 1 to 5 Chlorine by Using Basic Molten Salts as Reaction Field (O. Takeda, T. Handa, M. Kimura, Y. Yokka, and Y. Sato).

Establishment of Complete Treatment System of Recyclable Materials Generating from Home Appliance Recycling Plants at Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (T. Sakai, and S. Yamaguchi).

Treatment of Gold-Containing Technogenous Wastes Tailings by Electrochemical Method, in Condition of "Slight" Oxidation Regime (T. Gagnidze, J. Gvelesiani, T. Lezhava, M. Mamforia, T. Rokva, V. Gvakharia, and D. Talakvadze).

Micro-Organisms for Metal Recovery.

Chromate Reduction by a Novel Leucobacter Sp. Isolated from Chromite Ore Processing Residue Disposal Site of China (Z. Ma, W. Zhu, and L. Chai).

Detoxification of Chromite Ore Processing Residue with Novel Chromate Reducing Bacteria Leucobacter Sp. Ch1 (W. Zhu, L. Chai, Z. Yang, and Y. Wang).

Effect of Cr(VI) on the Population of Soil Microorganisms (S. Huang, Z. Yang, P. Bing, L. Chai, and L. Zhou).

Influence of Metal Chromium on the Activity of Soil Enzyme (S. Huang, Z. Yang, P. Bing, L. Chai, and L. Zhou).

General Sessions.

On the Separation of Zinc from Dust in Ironmaking and Steelmaking Off-Gas Cleaning Systems (N. Ma).

Evaporation Behavior of ZnO with Ar-O2-HCl-H2O Atmosphere (K. Yajima, S. Son, H. Mastuura, and F. Tsukihashi).

Study on the Adsorption Behavior of Modified Orange Peel Biosorbent on Cu(II) (N. Feng, X. Guo, S. Liang, and Q. Tian).

Removal of Pb2+ from Aqueous Solutions Using Modified Spent Grains (Q. Li, L. Chai, Q. Wang, Z.Yang, and Y. Wang).

Recycling of Wastes from Water Treatment Plant into Clayey Ceramic (C. Vieira, J. Vitorino, and S. Monteiro).

The Shrinkage Behavior of Recycled Glass Compacts (A. Garkida, J. Hwang, X. Huang, C. Okuofu, A. Ahuwan, and B. Li).

Recent Developments in Rare Earth Science and Technology

Progress in Understanding the High Ductility of Rare Earth B2 (CsCl-type) Intermetallics (A. Russell, A. Frerichs, K. Gschneidner, S. Biner, L. Chumbley, S. Xie, S. Williams, Q. Chen, and A. Becker).

Author Index.

Subject Index.