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EPD Congress 2012

EPD Congress 2012

Lifeng Zhang (Editor), Joseph A. Pomykala (Editor), Arjan Ciftja (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-35935-8

May 2012

530 pages



Proceedings symposia sponsored by the Extraction & Processing Division (EPD) of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)
Held during the TMS 2012 Annual Meeting & Exhibition Orlando, Florida, USA, March 11-15,2012
EPD Council 2012 xiii

EPD Honors and Awards 2012 xv

Materials Processing Fundamentals

Physical Metallurgy of Steel

Influence of the Hot Rolling Process on the Mechanical Behaviour of Dual Phase Steel 9
M. Asadi, and H. Palkowski

Continuous Casting Simulation of 2304 Duplex Stainless Steel Via Horizontal Directional Solidification Technique 17
Q. Sun, H. Zhong, X. Chen, and Q. Zhai

Influence of Cooling Rates on Nitrogen Precipitation Behaviors and the Ferrite Fraction in Cast 2507 Super Duplex Stainless Steel 25
D. Liang, H. Zhong, Z. Yin, and Q. Zhai

Microstructure and Corrosion Behaviour of TiC Reinforced Duplex Stainless Steels Matrix Composites Synthesized by Laser Melt Injection 33
B. Obadele, P. Olubambi, and O. Johnson

Process Metallurgy of Metals

A Critical Review of the Modified Froude Number in Ladle Metallurgy 43
K. Krishnapisharody, and G. Irons

Inclusion Characteristics in Stainless Steel Ingots 51
S. Yang, L. Zhang, Y. Chen, J. Ge, G. Dowling, and G. Shannon

FEM Study of Centerline Defect Closure in Large Open-Die Forgings 63
J. Zhou, J. Blackketter, and P. Nash

Effect of Mould Taper and Wall Thickness on Steel Ingots Soundness by 3-D Solidification Simulation 71
P. Lan, Y. Li, J. Zhang, R. Zhang, J. Wang, and H. Zhang

Hydrometallurgical Study of Purifying MG Silicon Feedstock for Solar Cells Production 79
Y. Liu, J. Xue, and J. Zhu

The Effect of Fe Addition on the Activity of Si in Liquid Cu-Si Alloys 87
Y. Kato, T. Yoshikawa, and K. Morita

Thermodynamic Properties of the Silicon Binary Melts 95
J. Safarian, L. Kolbeinsen, and M. Tangstad

Application of Microwave, Magnet, Laser and Plasma Technology

Non-Contact Measurements in Liquid Metal Free-Surface Flow Using Time-of-Flight Lorentz Force Velocimetry 105
D. Jian, and C. Karcher

Modeling of Pulsed-Laser Superalloy Powder Deposition Using Moving Distributed Heat Source 113
M. Mahapatra, and L. Li

Heat Transfer Characteristics of Magnetite under Microwave Irradiation 121
Z Peng, J. Hwang, M. Andriese, Z. Zhang, and X. Huang

Refinement Effect of Pulse Magneto-Oscillation on Solidification Structure of Medium Carbon Steel 129
Y. Cheng, Z. Yin, X. Cao, Y. Gong, R. Li, and Q. Zhai

Solidification Structure Refinement of SUS430 Ferritic Stainless Steel by Electric Current Pulse 135
X. Cao, Z. Yin, Y. Cheng, R. Li, Y. Gong, and Q. Zhai

Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals

Annealing Effect and Tensile Interface Fracture Mechanism of Pure Silver Bonding Wires 145
H. Hsueh, F. Hung, T. Lui, andL. Chen

Horizontal Directional Solidification of Zn-Sn Alloys 153
M Zurco, C. Rodriguez, C. Schvezov, C. Mendez, and A. Ares

Dynamic Recovery during Low Temperature Deformation in an Al-0.1 Mg Alloy 161
Y. Huang, and P. Prangnell

Challenges in Compound Forging of Steel-Aluminum Parts 169
K. Kosch, and B. Behrens

Poster Session

Effect of Process Parameters on Powdering Characteristics of Galvannealed Materials 179
R. Singh, K. Khan, andS. Chakrabarti

Hot Deformation Behavior of Nb Microalloyed Coiled Tubing Steel 185
Z. Zhang, H. Zhou, X. Liu, S. Li, G. Si, and B. Zhang

Study on Inclusions in 65Mn Thin Slabs Produced by a CSP Process 193
Y. Tan, H. Li, H. Zhong, Z. Dan, X. Mao, and Q. Zhai

A Way to Control Distortion of Metal Parts during Heat Treatment Process 201
Y. Lu, J. Kang, H. Long, G. Nie, and T. Huang

Investigation of the Relationship of the Melt Structures and Solidification Behaviors of Cu-Sb70 Alloy Explored by Electrical Resistivity Method 209
Y. Xi, J. Yu, L. Mao, and F. Zu

Microstructure of Al2O3/YAG/ZrO2 Eutectic In Situ Composite Prepared by Laser Floating Zone Melting 217
K. Song, J. Zhang, X. Jia, H. Su, L. Liu, and H. Fu

Net Shape Manufacturing of a Novel Cermet Using Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis 225
A. Nabavi, A. Capozzi, S. Goroshin, D. Frost, and F. Barthelat

Recycling General Session


Control of Gas Emission during Pyrolysis of Waste Printed Wiring Boards 237
A. Luyima, L. Zhang, and J. Kers

Leaching Studies for Metals Recovery from Waste Printed Wiring Boards (PWBs) 247
A. Luyima, L. Zhang, J. Kers, Y. Jiang, and T. Schuman

Effects of Inoculums Volume on Metals Extraction from Printed Circuit Boards of Computers by Bacterial Leaching 255
L. Yamane, D. Espinosa, and J. Tenorio

Removal of Copper Cyanide Complexes from Solutions Formed in Silver/Gold-Cyanidation Recovery Process 263
J. Parga, J. Valenzuela, and L. Ramirez

Dissolution of Mixed Zinc-Carbon and Alkaline Battery Powders in Sulphuric Acid Using Ascorbic/Oxalic Acid as a Reductant 271
M. Kay a, andS. Kursunoglu

Selective Recovery of Precious Metals by Selective Adsorption on Garlic Peel Gel 289
K. Huang, S. Jiao, and H. Zhu

Separation of Si/SiC Wiresaw Cutting Powder Through Sedimentation by Adjusting the Solution pHs 297
K. Huang, H. Deng, J. Li, and H. Zhu


Advantages of Integrated and Long Term Aluminum Recycling Batch Planning in a Constrained Secondary Material Market 307
T. Brommer, B. Gihleengen, E. Olivetti, and R. Kirchain

Fabrication of Replicated Open-cell Aluminium Foams Using Recycled ADC12 Aluminium Alloy 315
S. Asavavisithchai, A. Srichaiyaperk, andN. Jareankieathbovom

In-Process Separation of Mill Scale From Oil at Steel Hot Rolling Mills 323
N. Ma

Recycling of Electric Arc Furnace Dust: Evaluation of the Iron Metal Incorporation in Hot Metal Bath 331
V. Sobrinho, V. Teiles, F. Grillo, J. Oliveira, J. Tenorio, and D. Espinosa

Recycling of Electric Arc Furnace Dust in Iron Ore Sintering 339
V. Teiles, D. Espinosa, and J. Tenorio

Extraction of Iron Oxide and Concentration of Titanium Compounds in Red Mud 345
E. Magalhäes, E. Macedo, J. Souza, J. Quaresma, and D. Quaresma

Heat Treatment of Black Dross for the Production of a Value Added Material-A Preliminary Study 353
R Beheshti, S. Akhtar, and R. Aune

Addition of Electric Arc Furnace Dusts in Hot Metal 361
F. Grillo, D. Espinosa, J. Oliveira, and J. Tenorio

Building Materials

Ecological Recovery Process for Textile Waste 371
E. Carpus, E. Visileanu, and M. Stanescu

Technical Tools for Increasing the Eco-Efficiency of Textile Products 375
E. Visileanu, and E. Carpus

An Evaluation Study: Recent Developments and Processing of Glass Scrap Recycling 381
B. Ertug, and N. Ünlu

Recycling of Flat Glass Waste into Clayey Ceramic 389
T. da Costa Caldas, A. Cordeiro Morais, S. Neves Monteiro, and C. Fontes Vieira

Recycling of Styrene-Divinylbenzene Copolymer through Sequential Mass-Suspension Polymerization Process 395
N. Campelo, A. Umpierre, and F. Machado

Waste Utilization

Experimental Research on Acid Magenta Dye Decolor Dynamics 403
Y. Chen, L. Ding, and C. Liu

Recovery of Magnesium from Waste Effluent in Nickel Laterite Hydrometallurgy Process 409
N. Sun, J. Liu, K. Wang, A. Dong, and Y. Lu

Recycling of Reverted IN738LC with Reference to Mechanical Properties and Control of Chemical Composition 417
R. Rahimi, and M. Nili Ahmadabadi

A Kinetics Study on the Hydrometallurgical Recovery of Vanadium from LD Converter Slag in Alkaline Media 425
A. Shahnazi, F. Rashchi, and E. Vahidi

Poster Session

AMD Treatment Using Rice Husk as Biosorbent 437
F. Silvas, B. Medeiros, D. Buzzi, J. Oliveira, I. Schneider, D. Espinosa, and J. Tenorio

Salvinia sp Applied to AMD Treatment: Equilibrium Time and Biomass Characterization 443
F. Silvas, E. Gusmäo, D. Buzzi, I. Schneider, J. Oliveira, D. Espinosa, and J. Tenorio

Solar Cell Silicon

Silicon Production

An Investigation into the Electrochemical Production of Si by the FFC Cambridge Process 455
E. Ergül, I. Karakaya, M. Erdogan, and F. Erden

Distribution of Boron and Phosphorus during Alloying and Slag Treatment of Metallurgical Grade Silicon 463
Y. Meteleva-Fischer, Y. Yang, R. Boom, B. Kraaijveld, and H. Kuntzel

The Kinetics of Boron Removal during Slag Refining in the Production of Solar-Grade Silicon 471
E. Krystad, S. Zhang, and G. Tranell

Raman Spectroscopic Study of the Structural Modifications Associated with the Addition of Calcium Oxide and Boron Oxide to Silica 481
J. Kline, M. Tangstad, and G. Tranell

Structure Silicon Deposits Obtained by Electrolysis Si02 in the Chloride-Fluoride Melts 493
O. Chemezov, A. Apisarov, A. Isakov, and Y. Zaikov

Refining and Characterization

High Frequency Electromagnetic Purification of Silicon 499
L. Damoah, andL. Zhang

Mono-Like Ingot/Wafers Made of Solar-Grade Silicon for Solar Cells Application 507
S. Beringov, T. Vlasenko, S. Yatsuk, O. Liaskovskiy, and I. Buchovska

Thermodynamics of Phosphorous Distribution between Si and Fe-Si in Solvent Refining of Silicon 513
L. TafaghodiKhajavi, and M. Barati

Imaging Techniques for the Characterization of Multi-Crystalline Silicon Bricks and Wafers 521
S. Johnston, F. Yan, K. Zaunbrecher, M. Al-Jassim, O. Sidelkheir, and A. Blosse

Thermodynamics on Boron Rejection during Metallurgical Grade Silicon Oxidation by Silicon Dioxide 529
Y. Li, Y. Tan, J. Li, S. Wu, and Y. Liu

2D and 3D Numerical Modeling of Solidification Benchmark of Sn-3Pb (%wt.) Alloy under Natural Convection 537
R. Boussaa, O. Budenkova, L. Hachani, X-D. Wang, B. Saadi, K. Zaidat, H. Ben Hadid, and Y. Fautrelle

Author Index 545

Subject Index 549