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EPD Congress 2013

EPD Congress 2013

Michael L. Free , Andreas H. Siegmund

ISBN: 978-1-118-60574-5

Mar 2013

312 pages

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This state-of-the-art reference presents papers from one of the largest annual gatherings of extraction specialists from around world, the 2013 Annual Meeting of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society. Addressing many aspects of extraction and processing metallurgy, this volume covers in three sections modeling of multi-scale phenomena in materials processing; production, refining, and recycling of rare earth metals; and solar cell silicon. Essential reading for scientists, engineers, and metallurgists in the global extractive and process metallurgy industries.

EPD Council 2013 xi

EPD Honors and Awards 2013 xiii

Modeling of Multi-Scale Phenomena in Materials Processing - III

Microstructure Evolution I

Numerical Simulation of Solute Diffusion-Controlled Dendritic Growth with Cellular Automaton Method 5
S. Luo, and M. Zhu

Multi-Scale Modelling Using 3-Dimensional Adaptive Meshing with an Implicit, Multigrid Solver: A Crystallization Example 13
A. Mullis, C. Goodyer, P. Bollada, and P. Jimack

Modeling of Electromagnetic Stirring in the DC Casting of Aluminum with ANSYS 21
S. Bogovalov, E. Pavlov, V. Timofeev, I. Tronin, and V. Kislov

Microstructure Evolution II

Computational Multi-Phase Modeling of Cast Energetic Materials 31
R. Mudryy, and L. Nastac

Large Scale Parallel Lattice Boltzmann Model of Dendritic Growth 39
B. Jelinek, M. Eshraghi, and S. Felicelli

Thin Wall Ductile Iron Castings Modeling by Cellular Automaton 47
D. Gurgul, A. Burbelko, M. Górny, and W. Kapturkiewicz

Coupled Flow-Thermal-Microstructural Modeling of the Scanning Laser Epitaxy Process 55
R. Acharya, J. Gambone, R. Bansal, P. Cilino, and S. Das

Heat Treatment

Internal Stress Generation during Quenching of Thick Heat Treatable Aluminium Alloys 65
J. Drezet, N. Chobaut, P. Schloth, and H. van Swygenhoven

A High Order Mathematical Model for Calculating Casting Temperature Field Based on ADI Method 73
X. Niu, W. Liang, and H. Hou

Microstructure Evolution Modeling for Solution Treatment of Aluminum Alloys 79
H. Yin, A. Sabau, T. Skszek, and X. Niu

Yield Strength Prediction for Rapid Age-hardening Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloys 87
H. Yin, A. Sabau, G. Ludtka, T. Skszek, and X. Niu

Microstructure Effects

Study on Effects of Interfacial Anisotropy and Elastic Interaction on Morphology Evolution and Growth Kinetics of a Single Precipitate in Mg-Al Alloy by Phase Field Modelling 97
G. Han, Z. Han, A. Luo, A. Sachdev, and B. Liu

Simulation of Microstructural Morphology Evolution of Ni-45wt.%Mo Droplets during Rapid Solidification Process 107
J. Ma, J. Zhang, S. Zhao, and J. Zhao

Fluid Dynamics and Solidification

Numerical Simulating Study on the Solidification Process of Continuous Casting Billet 117
T. Zhang, J. Li, H. Yang, F. Song, and T. Huang

Optimum Effect of Factors Influencing on Sacrificial Cathodic Protection for Steel Wall 125
S. Kaskah

Modeling on Fluid Flow and Inclusion Motion in a Continuous Casting FC-Mold 135
Q. Wang, S. Li, Y. Li, L. Zhang, and X. Wang

Numerical Simulation of Temperature Field and Pressure in Super Large Regenerative Rotary Hearth Furnace 143
Q. Li, H. Lu, and L. Zhou

Production, Refining and Recycling of Rare Earth Metals

The Ternary System Thermodynamics of Phase Diagram Analysis of Cerium Rare Earth Oxides in Supercritical Water 155
C. Li, H. Li, C. Jiao, Z. Zhang, and C. Wu

Removing Aluminum from Chlorinated Rare Earth Solution by Hydrolysis 165
S. Ding, W. Chen, C. Ji, Z. Shan, and F. Yan

Solar Cell Silicon

Silicon Production and Refining

Production of Silicon from Silica: Solid-Oxide-Membrane Based Electrolysis Process 177
Y. Jiang, J. Xu, B. Lo, U. Pal, and S. Basu

Carbochlorination Reduction of Silica Oxides 185
M. Song, M. Hu, L. Liu, Q. Deng, X. Lv, and C. Bai

Solar Grade Silicon Purification Using Liquid Phase Migration Technique 193
K. Matsunaga, T. Yoshikawa, and K. Morita

Alloying Refining of Metallurgical Grade Silicon with Rare Earth Elements 201
Y. Meteleva-Fischer, Y. Yang, R. Boom, B. Kraaijveld, and H. Kuntzel

Effect of Oxygen and Carbon on Lifetime in Cz Silicon Pulled from Top-Cuts of Casted Multi-crystalline Ingot 211
S. Zhang, E. Øvrelid, Y. Hu, and G. Tranell

Effect of Impurities in Monocrystalline Silicon for Solar Cells 219
M. Knudson, M. Juel, E. Øvrelid, and M. Di Sabatino

Slag-based Refining of Silicon and Solar Cell Advances

Reductive Removal of Phosphorus in Silicon Using CaO-CaF2 Slag 229
H. Kawamura, Y. Yanaba, T. Yoshikawa, and K. Morita

Boron and Phosphors Distribution Equilibria among the Molten Si, Slag and Metal Phases 237
K. Tang, E. Krystad, G. Tranell, and M. Tangstad

Antireflective Silicon Nanostructures Fabricated by Cheap Chemical Etchant and Coated by Atomic Layer Deposited Al2O3 Layer 243
Z. Yue, H. Shen, Y. Jiang, and Y. Teng

General Poster Session

General Session

Application of Non-stationary Thermal Model for Simulation and Investigation of Heat and Refining Processes of Ti During EBMR 253
K. Vutova, V. Donchev, V. Vassileva, D. Amalnerkar, N. Munirathnam, and T. Prakash

Investigation of Optimum Cementation Conditions of Ruthenium with Experimental Design 261
B. Zeytuncu, M. Morcali, O. Çelik, and O. Yucel

Kinetic Study of Recovery of Iron from Cassiterite Ore 269
G. Onyedika, T. Onwumere, and M. Ogwuegbu

Non-isothermal Kinetics Research of the Pellet under High Reduction Potential 277
H. Zuo, K. Jiao, R. Xu, and J. Zhang

Reduction of Pellets of Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) Dust Using Hydrogen 287
TMS, E. Junca, G. Rodrigues, V. Telles, D. Espinosa, and J. Tenório

Author Index 293

Subject Index 295