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EPD Congress 2015

EPD Congress 2015

James A. Yurko (Editor), Antoine Allanore (Editor), Laura Bartlett (Editor), Jonghyun Lee (Editor), Lifeng Zhang (Editor), Gabriella Tranell (Editor), Yulia Meteleva-Fischer (Editor), Shadia Ikhmayies (Editor), Arief Budiman (Editor), Prabhat Tripathy (Editor), Guy Fredrickson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-09352-7

Feb 2015

288 pages



EPD Congress is an annual collection of conference proceedings that addresses extraction and processing metallurgy. The papers in this book are drawn from symposia held at the 2015 Annual Meeting of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society. The 2015 edition includes papers from the following symposia:

  • Materials Processing Fundamentals
  • Solar Cell Silicon
  • High-Temperature Electrochemistry II
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EPD Honors and Awards 2015 xxiii

Materials Processing Fundamentals Extractive Materials Processing

Arsenic and Antimony Removal from Copper Concentrates by Digestion with NallS-NaOII 5
M. Ruiz, F. Daroch, and R. Padilla

Rate of Metal Deposition from Aqueous Solutions 13
A. Suriano, S. Howard, and S. Safarzadeh

Electrochemical Reduction of Cobalt Tetrafluoroborate in l-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate Ionic Liquid 21
M. Li, Z. Shi, Z. Wang, and R. Reddy

Extracting Alumina from Coal Fly Ash with Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Sintering and Ultrasound Aided Leaching 31
W. Luo, J. Xue, J. Zhu, K. Liu, C. Yang, and F. Mao

Casting, Solidification, and Steel Processing

A Cellular Automaton Model Coupled with Finite Element Method for Solidification Process of Beam Blank Continuous Casting 41
Y. Zhao, D. Chen, M. Ma, X. Wan, Y. Li, and R. Qin

Numerical Simulation of the Coupled Turbulent Flow, Heat and Solute Transport in the Turbulent Flow Region of Slab Continuous Casting 49
H. Chen, D. Chen, L. Gui, M. Long, Y. Huang, and Y. Ma

Interphase Evolution and Defect Formation during Horizontally Directional Solidification Process of Sn-Zn Alloys 57
A. Kociubczyk, W. Desrosin, L. Boycho, C. Schvezov, and A. Ares

Effect of Technological Parameters on Mold Powder Entrainment by Water Model Study 65
L. Zhang, Y. Li, Q. Wang, and C. Yan

Equivalency Comparison of Heat Transfer Coefficient in Liquid and Gas Quenches 73
Y. Lu, Y. Rong, and R. Sisson

Determination of Cavity Profile Induced by Supersonic Jets Impinging onto Liquids Surface 81
Q. Li, M. Li, M. Feng, and Z. Zou

Materials Processing

In-Situ Gas Monitoring by Emission Spectroscopy 91
T. Aarhaug, A. Ferber, P. Tetlie, and H. Dalaker

Poster Session

Thermodynamic Study on Vanadium Extraction with C02 and 0 2 Mixed Blowing 101
W. Du, Y Wang, and G. Wen

Effects of Power Ultrasound on Precipitation Process of Sodium Silicate Solutions 109
T. Li, J. Xue, W. Luo, and J. Zhu

C02 Capture and Conversion Using a Cobalt (III) Schiff Base Complex as a Catalyst at Ambient Conditions 117
J. Miao, J. Xue, J. Zhu, and K. Liu

Effect of Laminar Cooling Parameters on Martensite Volume Fraction and Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled Dual Phase Steel 125
S. Daglilar, L. Kerti, and S. Yildirim

The Effect of Graphene on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum/Graphene Produced by HPT 133
L. Zhao, H. Lu, and Z. Gao

The Extent of Dopant Activation after Microwave and Rapid Thermal Anneals Using Similar Heating Profiles 141
T. Gunawansa, Z. Zhao, N. Theodore, A. Lanz, and T. Alford

Application of Computational Thermodynamics to Steel Processing: The Case of Steel Cleanness 149
A. Silva, L. Goulart, E. Araujo, R. Batista, and A. Martins

Reaction Between Mn0-Si02 Oxides with Low FeO Content and Solid Steel Deoxidized by Si and Mn during Heat Treatment 157
C. Liu, J. Li, H. Tang, andX. Gao

Nucleation and Growth in the Equiaxed Zone of Metal Matrix Composites 165
A. Ares and C. Schvezov

Combined Effects of Silicon (Si) and Low Temperature Annealing on the Tensile Properties of Cartridge (70/30) Brass with Nickel (Ni) and Iron (Fe) Contaminants 175
A. Adegbenjo, A. Adegbola, F. Raji, O. Ladiipo, T. Adeboje, and S. Lbitoye

Effect of Lime on Alumina Extracting Property of Calcium Aluminate Slag 181
B. Wang, Y. Zhang, L. Ma, and H. Sun

Prepare for U3Og from Ammonium Uranyl Carbonate Using Microwave Calcination 189
B. Liu, J. Peng, L. Zhang, J. Hu, S. Guo, and D. Kong

Solar Cell Silicon

Silicon Production and Refining Directional Growth of Bulk Silicon from Silicon-Aluminum-Tin Melts 201
Y. Li, Y. Tan, and K. Morita

Preparation of Solar Grade Silicon Precursor by Silicon Dioxide Electrolysis in Molten Salts 209
L. Li, J. Gnan, A. Liu, Z. Shi, M. Korenko, J. Xu, B. Gao, and Z. Wang

Effect of Temperature in Extraction of High Purity Amorphous Silica from Rice Husk for Silicon Production 219
C. Llochonwu, C. Nwajagu, L. Onyenanu, and E. Nwonye

Crystallisation and Mechanical Properties Numerical Modeling of Stress Distribution in a Bi-Grain Small Scale Silicon Ingot Including Crucible Deformation 231
S. Gouttebroze and M. M'Hamdi

Mechanical Strength of Silicon Solar Wafers Characterized by Ring-on-Ring Test in Combination with Digital Image Correlation 241
V. Popovìch, W. Geerstma, M. Janssen, I. Bennett, and I. Richardson

Behavior for Nitrogen and Iron in the Bottom of Casting Multicrystalline Silicon Ingot 249
C. Zhang, K. Wei, W. Ma, J. Li, and Y. Dai

Thermal Field Design and Optimization of Directional Solidification for Multicrystalline Silicon Growth 257
W. Ma, X. Yang, and G. Lv

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a Screen-Printed Silver Front Side Solar Cell Contact 265
V. Popovich, M. Janssen, L. Bennett, and L. Richardson

High-Temperature Electrochemistry II Molten Salt Technology

Studies on the Purification of Na3AlF6-K2SiF6-AlF3 Melt 277
Z. Tian, S. Yang, Y. Lai, X Hu, and J. Li

Nuclear and Rare Earth Technology Electrochemical Separation of Dy and Nd from Nd Magnet Scrap in a Molten LiCl-KCl 287
H. Konishi, H. Ono, E. Takeuchi, T. Nohira, and T. Oishi

Sensors and Advanced Materials

Production of Titanium Oxycarbide from Titania-Rich Mineral Sands 297
F. Fatollahi-Fard and P. Pistorius

Experimental Thermodynamic Study on the Ag-Sb System at Elevated Temperatures 305
M. Aspiala, F. Tesfaye, and P. Taskinen

Energy Storage Devices, Corrosion and Molten Salt Science

Synthesis of High Performance LiMn08 Fe02 P04/C Cathode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries: Effect of Calcination Temperature 315
E. Dai, W. Chen, H. Fang, H. Wang, B. Yang, and W. Ma

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