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ESPN The Company: The Story and Lessons Behind the Most Fanatical Brand in Sports

ESPN The Company: The Story and Lessons Behind the Most Fanatical Brand in Sports

Anthony F. Smith, Keith Hollihan

ISBN: 978-0-470-54211-8

Sep 2009

216 pages

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A fascinating look at ESPN and its success as a brand

ESPN The Company reveals the inside scoop on the biggest business story in sports, detailing the creative and innovative spirit and practices that drove the programming, products, and services of the most powerful and prominent name in sports media. The authors provide a behind-the-scenes perspective on how ESPN dealt with their many partners and how they handled mistakes and missteps along the way-from the humble beginnings of ESPN as an underrated startup to the pinnacle of their success as a major industry player.

ESPN and other great organizations invest in their people. They train them. They believe that if you spend the time and resources turning talented performers into leaders, you're going to get better organizational performance and engender higher levels of commitment and sweat. ESPN The Company

  • Explores the dedication to excellence that makes ESPN the "Worldwide Leader in Sports"
  • Reveals how the steps ESPN has taken to excel can be applied to whatever type of business you're in
  • Shares the lessons learned at ESPN about launching and growing a wildly successful enterprise

Engaging and informative, this entertaining guide reveals how any company can benefit by embracing the best practices of ESPN.


Introduction: The Biggest Business Story in Sports.

Chapter 1 Turning Fanatics into Fans.

Chapter 2 Think Like an Incumbent, Act Like a Challenger.

Chapter 3 The Right Leader at the Right Time.

Chapter 4 Create Your Own Game.

Chapter 5 Expand the Brand.

Chapter 6 Playing Well With Others.

Chapter 7 Blow the Whistle, Spot the Ball

Chapter 8 Are You Having Fun?



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