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Early Main Group Metal Catalysis: Concepts and Reactions

Early Main Group Metal Catalysis: Concepts and Reactions

Sjoerd Harder

ISBN: 978-3-527-34448-2

Jun 2019

500 pages


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Written by a team of leaders in the field, this much-needed reference describes a broad range of organic reactions in the presence of non-toxic and affordable early main group metals.
1) General Introduction to Polar Organometallic Chemistry and Use in Catalysis
2) Polymerization of Alkenes and Polar Monomers
3) Intramolecular Alkene Hydroamination
4) Intermolecular Alkene Hydrophosphination/Hydrophosphynalation
5) Hydroamination/Phosphination of Alkynes
6) Hydroamination/Phoshination/Alkynylation of Activated Double Bonds
7) Alkene and Ketone Hydrosilylation
8) Hydrogenation of Double Bonds Using Molecular Hydrogen
9) Hydroboration Catalysis
10) Cross-Metathesis and Dehydrocoupling
11) Enantioselective Group 2 Metal Catalysis
12) Early Main Group Metal Lewis-Acid Catalysis
13) Enantioselective Group 2 Metal Lewis-Acid Catalysis
14) Early Main Group Catalysis for Miscellaneous Organic Transformations