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Early Transition Metal Clusters with pi-Donor Ligands



Early Transition Metal Clusters with pi-Donor Ligands

M. H. Chisholm (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-18606-9 June 1995 289 Pages


The discovery and evolution of oranometallic cluster chemistry is a major event in the development of inorganic chemistry. This is the second volume in the series 'The Chemistry of Metal Clusters' edited by Du Shriver, Herb Kaesz, and Richard Adams.

This volume focuses on the chemistry of the early transition elements in their lower and middle oxidation states, i.e., halide, sulfide, oxide, phosphate, alkoxide, and related o-donor ligands. The key feature linking all these complexes in metal-metal bonding is the presence of pi-donor ligands.
From the Contents:
Introduction and Scope/
Zeolite Physical and Chemical Characteristics and Their Impact on Diffusion/Application of Diffusional Transport Phenomena to Catalysis/
Diffusion in Zeolites -
Theoretical Considerations/
Measurement of Molecular Transport in Zeolites/Principles of Shape Selectivity/
Examples of the Interplay of Diffusion and Reaction in Shape Selective Reactions/
Impact of Shape Selective Zeolites in Industrial Applications/