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Earth's Core: Dynamics, Structure, Rotation

Earth's Core: Dynamics, Structure, Rotation

Véronique Dehant (Editor), Kenneth C. Creager (Editor), Shun-ichiro Karato (Editor), Stephen Zatman (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-875-90533-4

Jan 2003, American Geophysical Union

277 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geodynamics Series, Volume 31.

Geomagnetism, dynamo theory, seismology, geodesy, and mineral physics each present significant perspectives on Earth's core. When interelated, scientists gain and invaluable vantage from which to understans the evolution, dynamics, and state of the core. Earth's Core: Dynamics, Structure, Rotation presents a synthesis of current understanding in proactive analyses of Earth core phenomena, including research in core composition, wave-speed variation, magnetic field signatures, core mantle boundary issues, and more.

Vdronique Dehant, Kenneth C. Creager, Shun-ichiro Karato, and Stephen Zatman  vii

Michael Bergman, Jeremy Bloxham, Richard Holme, Mark Richards, Doug Wiens, and Michael Wysession ix

Vdronique Dehant, Kenneth C. Creager, Shun-ichiro Karato, and Stephen Zatman  1


The Earth's Free Oscillations and the Differential Rotation of the Inner Core
Gabi Laske and Guy Masters  5

Study of Inner Core Structure and Rotation Using Seismic Records from
Novaya Zemlya Underground Nuclear Tests
Anyi Li and Paul G Richards  23

On the Origin of Complexity in PKP Travel Time Data
B. Romanowicz, H. Tkalcic, and L. Brdger  31

Three-Dimensional Structure and Differential Rotation of the Inner Core
Xiaodong Song  45

Inner Core Rotation: A Critical Appraisal
Annie Souriau and Georges Poupinet  65

Mineral Physics
The Three-Dimensional Phase Diagram of Iron
Orson L. Anderson  83

Solidification of the Earth's Core
Michael I. Bergman  105

Thermodynamics of Epsilon Iron at Core Physical Conditions
Surendra K. Saxena  129

Physical Properties of Iron in the Inner Core
Gerd Steinle-Neumann, Lars Stixrude, and R. E. Cohen  137

Thermal Core-Mantle Interactions: Theory and Observations
David Gubbins  163

The Range of Timescales on Which the Geodynamo Operates
Rainer Hollerbach 181

Geodynamo Modeling and Core-Mantle Interactions
Weijia Kuang and Benjamin F. Chao 193

Thermal Interactions Between the Mantle, Outer and Inner Cores, and the Resulting
Structural Evolution of the Core
Ikuro Sumira and Shigeo Yoshida 213

Decadal Oscillations of the Earth's Core, Angular Momentum Exchange, and Inner Core Rotation
Stephen Zatman 233

Can a Stably Stratified Layer in the Core be Detected Using Seismic Normal Modes or Earth Rotation?
David Crossley 241

The Core and Fluctuations in the Earth's Rotation
S. Ponsar, V. Dehant, R. Holme, D. Jault, A. Pais, and T. Van Hoolst 251

Information About the Core From Earth Nutation
Veronique Dehant and P.M. Mathews  263