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Edited By:Professor Keith RJ Smettem

Online ISSN: 1936-0592 Impact Factor: 2.755


Ecohydrology is an international journal publishing original scientific and review papers that aim to improve understanding of processes at the interface between ecology and hydrology and associated applications related to environmental management.

Ecohydrology seeks to increase interdisciplinary insights by placing particular emphasis on interactions and associated feedbacks in both space and time between ecological systems and the hydrological cycle. Research contributions are solicited from disciplines focusing on the physical, ecological, biological, biogeochemical, geomorphological, drainage basin, mathematical and methodological aspects of ecohydrology. Research in both terrestrial and aquatic systems is of interest provided it explicitly links ecological systems and the hydrologic cycle; research such as aquatic ecological, channel engineering, or ecological or hydrological modelling is less appropriate for the journal unless it specifically addresses the criteria above. Manuscripts describing individual case studies are of interest in cases where broader insights are discussed beyond site- and species-specific results.

The Journal also publishes research on new instrumentation and techniques if they describe truly new and significant advances in methodology that can be broadly applied to the ecohydrological understanding and management of environmental systems. Occasional special issues will be published that cover themes emergent from conferences, ecological and hydrological science societies and key research topics. Ecohydrology welcomes the submission of comment/reply on previously published papers. Such submissions should preferably be in the form of a short paper not exceeding 2000 words and relate to papers previously published in the Journal. All papers for Ecohydrology should be prepared in accordance with the notes for contributors.