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Ecology and Society: An Introduction

Ecology and Society: An Introduction

Luke Martell

ISBN: 978-0-745-61023-8 August 1994 Polity 240 Pages


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This book introduces green ideas to students of the social sciences, showing how society affects and is affected by nature and assessing the future of the green movement.

1. Ecology and Industrialism.

2. The Sustainable Society.

3. Green Philosophy.

4. The Green Movement.

5. Ecology and Political Theory.

6. Rethinking Relations Between Society and Nature.

7. The Future of Environmentalism.




'Its unusual perspective makes this an interesting text. It does more than just catalogue ideas and events, it tries to analyse these so that key strands can be extracted.' TEG News

'Martell has pulled off a difficult trick: he has written a book that will both inform students and engage professional scholars, and he has secured himself a place in future discussions regarding the relationship between environment and society.' The Sociological review

'In aiming to provide a theoretically informed undergraduate text on contemporary green issues, the book goes some way to filling a gap where the level of support material is widely regarded as insufficient.' Antipode

"Ecology and Society makes an important contribution to this emerging literature by providing an introduction to green ideas for students of social science. This book will appeal to both students and researchers. It is written in an accessible style, provides useful summaries of key literature and suggests further reading at the end of each chapter ... a useful contribution to the literature on environment-society relations and a valuable addition to student reading lists.' Local Environment

* This book introduces environmental ideas to a sociology audience. It is designed for a growing field in the sociology of environmental issues, and will be of great use to sociologists wanting to fill a gap in teaching.
* The book will also be distinctive in environmental circles as it takes a critical approach to green ideas about how to solve environmental problems.
* It is a comprehensive introduction with a promising textbook market.