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Econometrics For Dummies

Roberto Pedace

ISBN: 978-1-118-53384-0 June 2013 368 Pages


Score your highest in econometrics? Easy.

Econometrics can prove challenging for many students unfamiliar with the terms and concepts discussed in a typical econometrics course. Econometrics For Dummies eliminates that confusion with easy-to-understand explanations of important topics in the study of economics.

Econometrics For Dummies breaks down this complex subject and provides you with an easy-to-follow course supplement to further refine your understanding of how econometrics works and how it can be applied in real-world situations.

  • An excellent resource for anyone participating in a college or graduate level econometrics course
  • Provides you with an easy-to-follow introduction to the techniques and applications of econometrics
  • Helps you score high on exam day

If you're seeking a degree in economics and looking for a plain-English guide to this often-intimidating course, Econometrics For Dummies has you covered.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Econometrics 5

Chapter 1: Econometrics: The Economist’s Approach to Statistical Analysis 7

Chapter 2: Getting the Hang of Probability 21

Chapter 3: Making Inferences and Testing Hypotheses 39

Part II: Building the Classical Linear Regression Model 59

Chapter 4: Understanding the Objectives of Regression Analysis 61

Chapter 5: Going Beyond Ordinary with the Ordinary Least Squares Technique 75

Chapter 6: Assumptions of OLS Estimation and the Gauss-Markov Theorem 93

Chapter 7: The Normality Assumption and Inference with OLS 111

Part III: Working with the Classical Regression Model 135

Chapter 8: Functional Form, Specifi cation, and Structural Stability 137

Chapter 9: Regression with Dummy Explanatory Variables 153

Part IV: Violations of Classical Regression Model Assumptions 173

Chapter 10: Multicollinearity 175

Chapter 11: Heteroskedasticity 191

Chapter 12: Autocorrelation 209

Part V: Discrete and Restricted Dependent Variables in Econometrics 229

Chapter 13: Qualitative Dependent Variables 231

Chapter 14: Limited Dependent Variable Models 253

Part VI: Extending the Basic Econometric Model 265

Chapter 15: Static and Dynamic Models 267

Chapter 16: Diving into Pooled Cross-Section Analysis 281

Chapter 17: Panel Econometrics 291

Part VII: The Part of Tens 305

Chapter 18: Ten Components of a Good Econometrics Research Project 307

Chapter 19: Ten Common Mistakes in Applied Econometrics 315

Appendix: Statistical Tables 321

Index 327