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Economic Affairs

Economic Affairs

Edited By:J. R. Shackleton

Vol 37(3 Issues in 2017 )

Print ISSN: 0265-0665

Online ISSN: 1468-0270

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

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'Mere facts do not lead to understanding. Only analysis can do so. In keeping with the long-standing traditions of the Institute of Economic Affairs, its journal, Economic Affairs, provides a consistently high standard of analysis. This is not just enjoyable. It exposes much of today's conventional wisdom on economic and social issue for the nonsense it is'
Martin Wolf, Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator, Financial Times

Economic Affairs is a journal for those interested in the application of economic principles to practical affairs. It aims to stimulate debate on economic and social problems by asking its authors, while analysing complex issues, to make their analysis and conclusions accessible to a wide audience. Each issue has a theme on which the main articles focus, providing a succinct and up-to-date review of a particular field of applied economics. Themes in 2008 included: New Perspectives on the Economics and Politics of Ageing, Housing for the Poor: the Role of Government, The Economic Analysis of Institutions, and Healthcare: State Failure. Academics are also invited to submit additional articles on subjects related to the coverage of the journal. There is section of double blind refereed articles and a section for shorter pieces that are reviewed by our Editorial Board (Economic Viewpoints). Please contact the editor for full submission details for both sections.

Regular Columnists
Each issue of Economic Affairs includes five regular columnists :

Professor Tim Congdon (city news)
Professor James Tooley (education)
Dr. Roger Bate (environmental issues)
Dr. John Meadowcroft (the economics of government)
Dr. Razeen Sally (globalisation)