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Economic Anthropology

Economic Anthropology

Edited By:Brandon D. Lundy

Vol 4(2 Issues in 2017 ) Online ISSN: 2330-4847


Economic Anthropology is published biannually by the Society for Economic Anthropology to make innovative and interdisciplinary research on economic and social life available to scholarly, practitioner, and general audiences. The journal draws from a wide range of disciplines including cultural anthropology, archaeology, demography, economics, ecology, geography, and history. Each issue is focused on a broad topic of current debate and significance, following the thematic format of the Society's Annual Meetings. Recent themes include: Greed, Inequality, Cities, Landscape, Cooperation, Tourism, Disaster, Morality, Textiles, and Food.

To further the goal of making the most current research available to a broad audience, Economic Anthropology stresses writing that is clear and accessible. We encourage authors to take advantage of the journal's online format and incorporate photos, graphics, and links to video or other ancillary materials. The journal considers the work of scholars at all points in their careers, including advanced PhD students.