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Economic Growth and International Trade

Economic Growth and International Trade

E. Kwan Choi (Editor), Bjarne Jensen (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-21811-1

Feb 2000, Wiley-Blackwell

210 pages

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This book presents new research on combining the theory of economic growth with the theory of international trade and international factor movements. As growth theory, it studies the behaviour of fundamental dynamic models (deterministic, stochastic) of trading economies. As trade theory, it is concerned with gains from trade and dynamic welfare implications of regulations and strategic trade policy. The contributors include: Alan Deardorff, Murray Kemp, Henry Wan Jr., Oded Stark, Michael Devereux, Theo van de Klundert, Sjak Smulders, Ngo Long and Koji Shimomura.
1. Diverging Populations and Endogenous Growth in a Model of Meaningless Trade: Alan Deardorff (University of Michigan).

2. Basic Stochastic Dynamic Systems: Bjarne S. Jensen (Kopenhagen Business School, Denmark) and Chunyan Wang (Kopenhagen Business School, Denmark).

3. Trade Gains in Chaotic Equilibria: Murray Kemp (University of New South Wales, Australia) and Koji Shimomura (Kobe University, Japan).

4. Hong Kong: The Fragile Economy of Middlemen: Henry Y. Wan, Jr.(Cornell University) and Jason Weisman (Cornell University).

5. Catching-up and Regulation in a Two-Sector Small Open Economy: Theo van de Klundert (Tilburg University, The Netherlands) and Sjak Smulders (Tilburg University, The Netherlands).

6. Migration under Asymmetric Information and Human Capital Formation: Nancy H. Chau (Southern Illinois University) and Oded Stark (University of Oslo, Norway).

7. Chaotic Equilibria in a Small Open Overlapping Generations Economy with Child-Parent Externality: Kazuo Nishimura (Kyoto University, Japan) and Koji Shimomura (Kobe University, Japan).

* Endogenous (deterministic and stochastic) growth models of trading economies.
* The celebrated Balassa-Samuelson hypothesis is contrasted with experience of many fast-growing Asian countries.