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Economic Policy 31

Economic Policy 31

Hans-Werner Sinn (Editor), David Begg (Editor), Charles Wyplosz (Editor), Richard Portes (Editor), Georges De Menil (Editor), Kai A. Konrad (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-22409-9

Jan 2001, Wiley-Blackwell

284 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Economic Policy has earned a reputation around the world as the one publication that always identifies current and emerging policy topics early. It discusses key international issues when they matter and is invaluable for keeping track of important topics.Economic Policy gives you hot topics, from the experts. Papers are specially commissioned from first-class economists and experts in the policy field. The editors are all based at top European economic institutions and each paper is discussed by a panel of distinguished economists. Their discussions are published at the end of each paper. This unique approach guarantees incisive debate and alternative interpretations of the evidence.
Editors' Introduction.

1. Corporate Governance in Germany: the Role of Banks and Ownership Concentration. Jeremy Edwards (University of Cambridge), Marcus Nibler (University of Cambridge).

2.Currency Boards: More than a Quick Fix? Atish R. Ghosh (International Monetary Fund), Anne-Marie Gulde (International Monetary Fund), Holger C. Wolfe (George Washington University and NBER).

3. Factor Mobility and Fiscal Policy in the EU: Policy Issues and Analytical Approaches. David E. Wildasin (Martin School of Public Policy, University of Kentucky, Lexington).

4. Labour Market Outliers: Letters from Portugal and Spain. Olympia Bovar (Bank of Spain), Pilar Garcia-Perea (Bank of Spain), Pedro Portugal (Bank of Portugal and New University of Lisbon).

5. The Case for International Tax Co-ordination Reconsidered. Peter Birch Sorensen (Kobenhavns Universitet, EPRU and CESifo).

6. Taxation for the 21st century: the Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax. Edgar L. Feige (University of Wisconsin-Madison).

* Specially commissioned articles on topical policy issues.

* Views of top economists from Europe and around the world.

* Latest research presented in accessible language.