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Ecophysiology of Fungi

Ecophysiology of Fungi

R. C. Cooke, J. M. Whipps

ISBN: 978-0-632-02168-0

Aug 1993, Wiley-Blackwell

348 pages

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This advanced undergraduate textbook examines major aspects of fungal physiology in relation to fungal behavior in natural habitats and, in so doing, provides a firm link between the divergent disciplines of fungal physiology and fungal ecology. A largely mechanistic approach is made within selected areas of fundamental importance. The themes are the functional interaction of the fungus with its abiotic and biotic environment and the reconciliation of laboratory studies with observations made under natural conditions.
Concepts; Evolution, Ecology and Physiology; Growth and Development; Resource acquisition and utilization; Growth dynamics and transformations; Constraints, limitations and extreme environments; Reproduction and Establishment; Induction and control of reproduction; Propagules: factors affecting survival; Dormancy and activation; Germination; Orientation; Interactions with other Heterotrophs; Microorganisms; Macroscopic animals; Animals as habitats
* unique integration of fungal physiology and ecology * entirely new treatment of the subject matter * set against the background of modern evolutionary theory * research level monograph