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Educational Neuroscience

Denis Mareschal (Editor), Brian Butterworth (Editor), Andy Tolmie (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-97319-5 December 2013 Wiley-Blackwell 390 Pages



Educational Neuroscience presents a series of readings from educators, psychologists, and neuroscientists that explore the latest findings in developmental cognitive neurosciences and their potential applications to education.
  • Represents a new research area with direct relevance to current educational practices and policy making
  • Features individual chapters written collaboratively by educationalist, psychologists, and neuroscientists to ensure maximum clarity and relevance to a broad range of readers
  • Edited by a trio of leading academics with extensive experience in the field

List of contributors ix

Preface xi

Foreword: Imaging the Future xii
Michael I. Posner

1. Introduction 1
Brian Butterworth and Andy Tolmie

2. Neuroimaging Methods 13
Frederic Dick, Sarah Lloyd-Fox, Anna Blasi, Clare Elwell, and Debbie Mills

3. Computational Modeling of Learning and Teaching 46
Michael S. C. Thomas and Diana Laurillard

4. Genetics for Education 77
Yulia Kovas, Sergei Malykh, and Stephen A. Petrill

5. Research Methods in Educational Psychology 110
Andy Tolmie

6. Language Development 134
Victoria Knowland and Chris Donlan

7. Literacy Development 172
Liory Fern-Pollak and Jackie Masterson

8. Mathematical Development 201
Brian Butterworth and Sashank Varma

9. The Development and Application of Scientific Reasoning 237
Jonathan Fugelsang and Denis Mareschal

10. Social Development 268
Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, Kathrin Cohen Kadosh, Catherine L. Sebastian, Tobias Grossmann, and Mark H. Johnson

11. Emotional Development 297
Alice Jones

12. Attention and Executive Control 325
Michelle de Haan

Afterword 349
John T. Bruer

Index 364