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Educational Research: A Contextual Approach

Educational Research: A Contextual Approach

Ken Springer

ISBN: 978-0-470-57407-2

Jun 2010

576 pages



Clearly organized, well-written, and user-friendly, Educational Research, provides a comprehensive look at quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method approaches to research. Using concrete examples throughout, the book features a “Spotlight on Research” section, providing an extended look at three published articles per chapter.

The book has been created with a breadth and depth fitting a higher level course, yet is clear enough to accommodate students in advanced undergraduate classes. Set up in a modular format, this easy to read text can be followed in chronological order, or chapters can be used out of sequence to better serve your classroom needs. Rich in pedagogical features, Educational Research offers several elements that help the student to synthesize the main ideas of each chapter into the context of a real world researcher.


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Chapter 1: Introduction to educational research

Chapter 2: Research topics

Chapter 3: Research reports

Chapter 4: Ethics and sampling

Chapter 5: Measurement

Chapter 6: Validity and reliability

Chapter 7: Experimental designs

Chapter 8: Single-participant designs

Chapter 9: Non-experimental designs

Chapter 10: Descriptive statistics

Chapter 11: Inferential statistics

Chapter 12: Statistical representation

Chapter 13: Ethnographies and case studies

Chapter 14: Content analysis and historical research

Chapter 15: Mixed-methods designs

Chapter 16: Action research

Chapter 17: Evaluation research

Chapter 18: Research into practice