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Effective Continuing Education

Ronald M. Cervero, Alan B. Knox

ISBN: 978-0-470-62311-4 October 1988 Jossey-Bass 212 Pages


Effective Continuing Education for Professionals tells how to improve the quality of continuing education programs in a variety of professional fields. Winners of the NUCEA's 1990 Frandson Award for Literature in Continuing Education and the AAACE's 1989 Cyril O. Houle World Award for Literature in Adult Education.

Preface xv

The Author xxi

1. The Dynamics of Continuing Professional Education 1

2. Conflict Over the Goals of the Educational Process 18

3. How Professionals Learn and Acquire Expertise 38

4. Fostering Greater Participation in Educational Activities 57

5. Differing Institutional Approaches to Effective Education 75

6. Deciding When to Collaborate with Other Educational Providers 94

7. Successful Program Development Strategies 112

8. Determining Whether Programs Are Worthwhile 131

9. Being Effective in Continuing Professional Education 149

References 161

Index 183