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Effective Presentation Skills: Video Training Package



Effective Presentation Skills: Video Training Package

International Training Corporation

ISBN: 978-0-883-90366-7 January 1993 Pfeiffer 51 Pages


Create top-notch presenters!

When presenting ideas and concepts to colleagues or selling tocustomers, even the best idea can be lost in a poor presentation.Effective Presentation Skills is a ready-to-use training packagethat focuses on learning through experience and one-to-onecoaching.

Everything you need to conduct the workshop is here: step-by-stepadministrator's guide, with sample flip charts, program exercises,and evaluation forms, overhead masters, video program with modularexercises, administrator's video instructional guide, comprehensiveparticipant's guide.

Give your employees the tools they need to effectively convey theirimportant messages?with Effective Presentation Skills.

Bonus! Purchasers receive one year of FREE service fromInternational Training Corporation to ask questions and receivepresentation critiques.

* Each of three modules completely covers a specific area
* Plan a presentation?identify the purpose of the presentation andanalyze the audience
* Prepare a presentation?organize topics into specific categories,prepare for questions, practice the presentation
* Prepare and use visual aids

TIMING: Can be conducted in 1 or 2 days and can be adjusted to fitparticipant needs

AUDIENCE: All levels of employees
Module 1: Planning The Presentation.

Unit 1: The Planning Process.

Module 2: Preparing The Presentation.

Unit 1: Organizing The Information.

Unit 2: Preparing The Presentation Material.

Module 3: The Delivery.

Unit 1: Preparing and Using Visual Aids.

Unit 2: Using Effective Presentation Skills -- The Basics.