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Effective Small Business Management, 7th Edition

Effective Small Business Management, 7th Edition

Richard M. Hodgetts, Donald F. Kuratko

ISBN: 978-0-470-00343-5

Sep 2000

752 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This text introduces the world of small business and details its diverse management aspects. It also presents the most current concerns of small business today, including the expanding world of electronic commerce.

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Small Business: The Quiet Giant.

The Technological Revolution and Small Business.

Understanding the Family Business.

Developing a Business Plan.

Starting a New Firm or Buying an Existing Business.

Operating a Franchise.

Opening a Home-Based Business.

Sources of Start-Up Capital.

Determining Location and Layout.

Selecting the Legal Form of an Organization.

Legal Concerns of Small Business.

The Nature of the Managerial Process.

Human Resource Management in Small Business.

Managing the Growing Small Business.

International Opportunities for Small Business.

Understanding the Market.

Pricing for Profit.

Promotion and Personal Selling.

Customer Credit.

Financial Statements and Record Keeping.

Financial Analysis and Budgeting.

  • Updated sources and examples in all chapters with the latest data available.
  • Chapter 2 has been completely revamped with a new section on the Internet and e-commerce.
  • Chapter 12 has been rewritten to include more information on topical management.
  • "The Entrepreneurial Edge" boxes highlight the latest in technological advances for entrepreneurs.
  • "The Technological Edge" boxes feature some of the latest ideas from the World Wide Web as well as other technological advances that benefit small businesses.
  • Numerous charts and tables illustrate specific text material, expand chapter ideas, or refer to outside source material.
  • Each chapter closes with a summary of key points, a short exercise, key terms, and short cases to provide current material for student analysis and classroom discussion.
  • Boxed items throughout the text illustrate contemporary ideas related to entrepreneurship. Each one is unique in its application to entrepreneurial activity in the new century.
  • Each major part of the text concludes with a comprehensive case study that illustrates venture creations and managerial ideas confronted by actual firms and integrates relevant chapter topics. These cases have been prepared by professionals in the workforce and are referred by professionals who are members of the Society for Case Research. The outcomes of the cases are provided in the Instructor's Manual.
  • A clear set of learning objectives provides a preview of the chapter material and can be used by students to check whether or not they have understood and retained important points.