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Eigenstructure Assignment for Control System Design



Eigenstructure Assignment for Control System Design

G. P. Liu, R. J. Patton

ISBN: 978-0-471-97549-6 April 1998 248 Pages


Helicopters, aircraft and missiles are just some of the practical multivariable control systems to which eigenstructure assignment has been applied in recent years. Liu and Patton offer a uniquely integrated introduction to eigenstructure assignment theory and techniques for multi-input multi-output control system design. Features include:
* Introduction to the Eigenstructure Assignment Toolbox for use with MATLAB (examples available via the Internet) providing engineers with a powerful set of tools for the design of multivariable systems
* Broad coverage including the principle of eigenstructure assignment, basic, insensitive, robust and multiobjective eigenstructure assignment for multirate sampled-data systems, descriptor systems and fault detection systems
* Description of the majority of known eigenstructure assignment methods for both state and output feedback control offering the reader a concise reference
* Combination of time-domain and frequency-domain performance specifications for robust control design
Postgraduates and researchers studying control engineering will appreciate the combination of mathematical theory and practical issues. Control engineers, particularly those working in the aerospace industry, will profit from the detailed application sections which relate eigenstructure assignment to real industrial problems.
Principles of Eigenstructure Assignment.

Parametric Eigenstructure Assignment.

Low Sensitivity Eigenstructure Assignment.

Robust Control via Eigenstructure Optimisation.

Multiobjective Techniques for Eigenstructure Assignment Design.

Eigenstructure Assignment Using Output Feedback.

Multirate Sampled-Data System Control via Eigenstructure Assignment.

Eigenstructure Assignment for Descriptor Systems.

Robust Fault Detection by Observer Eigenstructure Assignment.

Eigenstructure Assignment Toolbox.