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Einstein: A Life

Einstein: A Life

Denis Brian

ISBN: 978-0-471-19362-3

Aug 1997

536 pages

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Blends the brilliance of the scientific genius with the compassion, playfulness, and wit of the private figure

"A fascinating read with more interesting material about Einstein as a human being than I have ever seen before."--Robert Jastrow, astrophysicist and bestselling author

"A thoughtful and captivating account of one whom I had the joy of knowing and loving."--George Wald, Nobel Prize Laureate

His face is one of the most recognized on the planet. His very name is synonymous with genius. Yet, for all the attention and countless biographies, our images of Albert Einstein rarely go beyond the eccentric and larger-than-life scientist unraveling one cosmic mystery after another.

In this engaging popular biography, Denis Brian draws on a wealth of new information recently opened to the public to bring us a broader, more authentic portrait of Einstein than previously available. The first full-scale Einstein life published in 20 years, it is also the first to integrate Einstein's genius with his private and public life to give us a complete impression of the real person.

We meet an Einstein with a gift for friendship, a romantic with a roving eye for women. We confront a man whose countless scientific triumphs were tempered by tragic ironies in his personal life. We encounter Einstein the humanist who showed compassion for the children of others yet neglected his own sons. We learn from his former assistants how they revered Einstein, how he worked at his science, and of his warm relationships with other physicists.

Based on information drawn from new access to the Einstein archives as well as exclusive interviews with colleagues and friends, Einstein: A Life reveals an endearing and sensititve man, but one slightly detached from even those closest to him, as if he inhabited his own world of lofty thoughts and cosmic dreams.

DENIS BRIAN (West Palm Beach, Florida) is the author of The True Gen: An Intimate Portrait of Hemingway by Those Who Knew Him and Genius Talk: Conversations with Nobel Scientists and Other Luminaries.
Partial table of contents:

Childhood and Youth.

To Zurich and the Polytechnic.

seeking a Position.

The Schoolteacher.

Private Lessons.

The Patent Office.

The Special Theory of Relativity.

To Prague and Back.

The War to End All Wars.

Danger Signals.

Einstein Discovers America.

The Nobel Prize.

The Perfect Patient.

Einstein in California.

Weighing Options.

A New Life in Princeton.

Settling In.

Family Matters.

Politics at Home and Abroad.

World War II and the Threat of Fission.

Einstein Goes to War.

The Atomic Bomb.

The Birth of Israel.

The FBI Targets Einstein.

Conversations and Controversies.

The Oppenheimer Affair.

The Last Interview.

Einstein's Legacy.