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Electrical Connectors

Electrical Connectors

Michael Pecht, Carlos A. Morillo, Michael H. Azarian

ISBN: 978-1-119-37337-7

Jan 2020, Wiley-IEEE Press

350 pages

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Electronic products play an increasing role in our daily lives, but we often overlook the seemingly “humble” plugs and wires that allow the products to perform. This book takes an in-depth look at those plugs and wires, known collectively as electronic connectors. Connectors are the electromechanical elements that facilitate the delivery of power and signals to the components of electronic systems—without them, the products cannot function. But that is not the only reason they are critical members of electronic systems. They also allow circuits and products that are manufactured independently to be electrically connected, tested, maintained, and upgraded. In other words, they allow manufacturers to optimize electronic systems and thus keep up with the rapid pace of electronic product development.

This book is intended for connector manufacturers, those people who select, design, and assemble connectors for their products, and end users who must be concerned with the operation and reliability of the whole product or system. Students who are learning the basics of electrical contacts will also find this book instructive. The book can also be considered as a guide book, offering best practice advice on how to choose and test the correct connectors for a targeted application.