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Electricity for Agricultural Applications

Electricity for Agricultural Applications

ISBN: 978-0-813-82199-3

Oct 2002, Wiley-Blackwell

244 pages

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A core textbook for classes in agricultural systems management and technology. Presents the physical and mathematical aspects of electrical power generation, distribution and control.

1. Basic Electricity.

2. Reactive AC Circuits.

3. Biological Effects of Electric Current.

4. Three-Phase Circuits.

5. Conductor Design Principles.

6. Electrical Safety.

7. Farm Electrical Service.

8. Electrical Controls.

9. Standby Electric Power Generation.

10. Electric Motors.

11. Programmable Logic Controllers.

12. Lighting.

13. Digital Logic for Control.

14. Stray Voltage.

15. Electrical Power Use Patterns.

Appendix A: Power Requirements of Machines.

Appendix B: Electrical Equipment Data.

Appendix C: Answers to Selected Problems.