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Electrochemical Process Engineering

Electrochemical Process Engineering

Volkmar M. Schmidt

ISBN: 978-3-527-31344-0

May 2018

425 pages

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In this only up-to-date overview numerous examples and problems (with solutions) illustrate the theoretical fundamentals for beginners, while guiding advanced electrochemists from process development to modern applications in chemical process engineering in practice. It describes both the basic processes needed for chemicals, such as chlorine, hydrogen, aluminum, zinc, copper, and others, as well as modern electrochemical processes. Topics include plating technology, organic and inorganic electrochemical production processes, electrolysis as well as batteries and fuel cells -- thus addressing those students and young professionals in research, development and production wishing to gain swift understanding and insight.
Definitions and Methodology
Electrochemical Processes in Chemistry and Technology
Fundamentals of Electrochemistry
Transport Processes
Electrochemical Reaction Engineering
Process Development
Electrolytical Processes
Electrochemical Power Generation Technology
Electrochemical Micro Process Engineering
Modelling in Electrochemical Process Engineering
From reviews of the German edition:

"This book's structure and its route of reasoning not only allows a fast entry into the topic, but also provides a broad stimulus for in-depth technical discussion. It can be recommended both as an introductory text for all interested readers as well as for students and researchers in the field as a comprehensive textbook leading to advanced understanding."
B. Höhlein, Jülich

"This monograph's pleasant writing style makes it a very enjoyable read from first to last page."
Siegfried Waldvogel
GDCh Nachrichten der Chemie (German Chemical Society's journal "Chemical News")