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Electrochemistry, 2nd, Completely Revised and Updated Edition

Electrochemistry, 2nd, Completely Revised and Updated Edition

Carl H. Hamann, Andrew Hamnett, Wolf Vielstich

ISBN: 978-3-527-31069-2 April 2007 550 Pages


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This second, completely updated edition of a classic textbook provides a concise introduction to the fundamental principles of modern electrochemistry, with an emphasis on applications in energy technology. The renowned and experienced scientist authors present the material in a didactically skilful and lucid manner.
They cover the physical-chemical fundamentals as well as such modern methods of investigation as spectroelectrochemistry and mass spectrometry, electrochemical analysis and production methods, as well as fuel cells and micro- and nanotechnology.
The result is a must-have for advanced chemistry students as well as those studying chemical engineering, materials science and physics.

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This item: Electrochemistry, 2nd, Completely Revised and Updated Edition

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Foundations, Definitions and Concepts
Electrical Conductivity and Interionic Interactions
Electrode Potentials and Double-Layer Structure at Phase Boundaries
Electrical Potentials and Electrical Current
Electrochemical Methods for the Study of the Electrode/Electrolyte Interface
Reaction Mechanisms
Industrial Electrochemical Processes
Galvanic Cells
Analytical Applications
"The text is certainly comprehensive in its coverage, ranging from ionic mobilities and liquid junction potentials, through redox electrochemistry of proteins and surface spectroscopy of electrocatalytic reactions, to fuel cells, batteries and gas sensors." (Chromatographia, February 2010)

"The renowned authorial team emphasize application in energy technology while covering the physicalchemical fundamentals, modern methods of investigation, electrochemical analysis and production methods, as well as fuel cells and micro-and nanotechnology." (Chimie Nouvelle, March 2010)"Both classical contents and modern developments of electrochemistry have been incorporated in this textbook to educate young modern electrochemists … .A very solid and useful textbook. I highly recommend it to students and researchers." (The Higher Education Academy Physical Sciences Centre, December 2008)

"…an excellent introduction to the physical-chemical aspects of electrochemistry…and is strongly recommended." (CHOICE, December 2007)