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Electrochemistry for Chemists, 2nd Edition



Electrochemistry for Chemists, 2nd Edition

Donald T. Sawyer, Andrzej Sobkowiak, Julian L. Roberts

ISBN: 978-0-471-59468-0 October 1995 528 Pages


A complete and practical guide to the basic principles of electrochemistry for the nonspecialist

Emphasizing practical applications and real-world experimentation, Electrochemistry for Chemists gives chemists, biologists, and material scientists a solid understanding of the basic principles and modern methodology of electrochemistry. Incorporating the many new applications of recent years, this thoroughly updated Second Edition gives the nonelectrochemist access to a powerful tool for the study and measurement of chemical systems. And, like the popular first edition, the Second Edition is also a useful text for senior undergraduate and graduate students, especially in organic, inorganic, and biological chemistry.
* Offers a practical guide to the use of electrochemical methods in research and laboratory work
* Provides examples of molecular characterization by electrochemical methods in all subdivisions of chemistry, including dioxygen species, base metals, and nonmetals
* Includes numerous tables of electrochemical data, as well as physical parameters for solvents, electrolytes, cells, and electrodes
* Incorporates the latest information on instrumentation, solvents, and reagents
* Lists extensive references for further study of theoretical issues
Potentiometry Measurements.

Controlled Potential Methods.

Electrochemical Titrations and Controlled-Current Methods.

Indicator Electrodes.

Electrochemical Cells and Instrumentation.

Solvents and Electrolytes.

Hydronium Ions (H_3O¯+), Brønsted Acids (HA ), and Molecular Hydrogen (H_2).

Dioxygen Species (O_2, HOO, O_2-.

HOOH, HOO-), Ozone (O_3), and Atomic Oxygen.

Metals and Metal Complexes.

NonMetals (Sulfur, Nitrogen, and Carbon Compounds).

Organic Compounds.

Organometallic Compounds and Metalloporphyrins.