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Electrochemistry of Silicon: Instrumentation, Science, Materials and Applications

Electrochemistry of Silicon: Instrumentation, Science, Materials and Applications

Volker Lehmann

ISBN: 978-3-527-60027-4 March 2002 400 Pages


Silicon has been and will most probably continue to be the dominant material in semiconductor technology. Although the defect-free silicon single crystal is one of the best understood systems in materails science, its electrochemistry to many people is still a kind of "alchemy". This view is partly due to the interdisciplinary aspects of the topic: Physics meets chemistry at the silicon-electrolyte interface.
This book gives a comprehensive overview of this important aspect of silicon technology as well as examples of applications ranging from photonic crystals to biochips. It will serve materials scientists as well as engineers involved in silicon technology as a quick reference with its more than 150 technical tables and diagrams and ca. 1000 references cited for easy access of the original literature.
Chemical Dissolution of Silicon
The Semiconductor-Electrolyte Junction
The Electrochemical Dissolution Process of Silicon
Anodic Oxidation
Electrochemical Pore Formation
Microporous Silicon
Mesoporous Silicon
Macroporous Silicon
"Not only those who work solely on silicon electrochemistry will find this book helpful, but also everyone who will in any way be confronted with any aspect of silicon etching will acknowledge the useful aspects of this book." ChemPhysChem

"...clearly written and nicely edited. It constitutes a major advance in terms of presenting and unified view of the electrochemistry of silicon. My prediction is that it will become a classics for graduate students, researchers and application engineers in this area." Advanced Materials