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Electrocrystallization in Nanotechnology

Electrocrystallization in Nanotechnology

Georgi T. Staikov (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61019-8

Feb 2007

279 pages


Here, the well-known editor in the field of electrocrystallization and his team of excellent international authors guarantee the high quality of the contributions.
Clearly structured in two main parts, this book reviews the fundamentals and applications of electrocrystallization processes in nanotechnology. The first part, "Fundamentals" covers the basic concepts of electrocrystallization, computer simulations of low-dimensional metal phase formation, electrodeposition in templates and nanocavities, nanoscale electrocrystallization from ionic liquids, and superconformal electrodeposition of metals.
The second part, "Preparation
and properties of nanostructures", includes nanostructuring by STM tip induced localized electrocrystallization of metals, fabrication of ordered anodic nanoporous Al2O3 layers and their application, preparation of nanogaps, nanocontacts, nanowires and nanodots by selective electrochemical deposition, as well as electrodeposition of magnetic nanostructures and multilayers
1 The Impact of Electrocrystallization on Nanotechnology (G. Staikov and A. Milchev)
2 Computer Simulations of Electrochemical Low-dimensional Metal Phase Formation (M.M. Mariscal and E.P.M. Leiva)
3 Electrodeposition of Metals in Templates and STM Tip-generated 0D Nanocavities (W. Kautek)
4 Nanoscale Electrocrystallization of Metals and Semiconductors from Ionic Liquids (W. Freyland )
5 Superconformal Film Growth (T.P. Moffat et al.)

6 Localized Electrocrystallization of Metals by STM Tip Nanoelectrodes (W. Schindler and P. Hugelmann)
7 Fabrication of Ordered Anodic Nanoporous Alumina Layers and Their Application in Nanotechnology (H. Asoh and S. Ono)
8 Electrochemical Fabrication of Metal Nanocontacts and Nanogaps (F. Chen and N.J. Tao)
9 Nanowires by Electrochemical Step Edge Decoration (ESED) (R.M. Penner)
10 Electrochemical Fabrication of Arrayed Nanostructures (T. Homma)
11 Electrodeposition of Two-dimensional Magnetic Nanostructures on Single Crystal Electrode Surfaces (P. Allongue and F. Maroun)
12 Electrodeposition and Properties of Nanoscale Magnetic/Non-Magnetic Metallic Multilayer Films (L. Peter and I. Bakonyi)