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Electrodynamics of Solids and Microwave Superconductivity



Electrodynamics of Solids and Microwave Superconductivity

Shu-Ang Zhou

ISBN: 978-0-471-35440-6 July 1999 626 Pages


This book presents the interdisciplinary field of solid electrodynamics and its applications in superconductor and microwave technologies. It gives scientists and engineers the foundation necessary to deal with theoretical and applied electromagnetics, continuum mechanics, applied superconductivity, high-speed electronic circuit design, microwave engineering and transducer technology.
Introduction to Classical Electrodynamics.

Continuum Electrodynamics of Deformable Solids.

Electrodynamics of Superconductors in Weak Fields.

Electrodynamics of Superconductors in Strong Fields.

Electrodynamics of Josephson Junctions and Circuits.

Electromagnetic Analysis of Transmission Lines and Waveguide.

Electrodynamics of Deformable Superconductors.