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Electromagnetic Fields - Restrictions and Approximation

Electromagnetic Fields - Restrictions and Approximation

Boris Z. Katsenelenbaum

ISBN: 978-3-527-60256-8

Apr 2008

236 pages

Select type: O-Book


The fields scattered by metallic bodies or radiated by some types of antennas are created by the surfaces currents and therefore they are subject to some restrictions. The book is the first one where the properties of these fields are investigated in details. The properties have the important significance for the antenna synthesis, body shape reconstruction and other diffraction problems. The material of the book lies in the meetingpoint of the antenna theory, highfrequency electrodynamics and inverse scattering problems.
The author is an internationally renowned investigator in the field of electromagnetic waves and diffraction theory.
Nonapproximability of Patterns
Nonapproximability of Near Fields
Norm of the Current
Electromagnetic Field. The Maxwell Equations
Long Narrow Beam of Electromagnetic Waves
Antenna Synthesis by Amplitude Radiation Pattern and Modified Phase Problem